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How to guarantee the food and safety? · 8:46am Oct 21st, 2015

Food additives are the backbone of food industry, additives make food can be stored longer and have better taste. They are convenient for food make and cut cost. These advantages make manufacturers prefer them in food industry. but it is also a main cause of excessive use of some food additives. Meanwhile, food additives have been accused of food safety incidents. What are food additives? How should we treat food additives?

From the food additives list, here are types of food additives. Such as thickeners, sweeteners, flavour enhancers, enzymes, bleaching agents, anticaking agents, acidity regulators, preservatives, antioxidants, nutrition enhancer and so on. Food additives by sources can be divided into three categories in international: natural extract, material such as citric acid prepared by the fermentation method and pure chemical compounds. They play different roles in additive manufacturing. The reason why so many people have bad impression of additives is that the illegal added to food things are mixed with food additives. The misconception of the two lead to a series of misunderstanding. A food additive is a proper noun, it refers to substances that permitted add to food by countries.

Due to the security problems of edible synthesized coloring matter, many countries gradually reduce the number of actual use of the varieties recently. But the security of universal use varieties is very good. Edible pigment from natural materials, they mostly are edible resource. They are the organic colorants processed by certain method. They are mainly extracted from plant tissue, as well as some pigments from animals and micro-organisms. But their stability and content are not as good as synthetic ones. From the point of view, people believe security is higher than synthetic pigments, especially the natural pigment from the fruits, vegetables and other foods.

The use of food additives is an ability of modern technology for food processing, rather than the roots of good and evil. Part of food additives have a certain toxicity. Therefore, in the process of making food, food additives must be used in accordance with the national standards and maximum use to regulate its use. The use of food additives is to improve food quality, ensure food safety and promote food innovation. Media should establish a platform for communication between experts and the public, and spread correct knowledge of food additives to the public widely. It is safe for the human body if not abused. For food manufacturing, choose reliable food additives suppliers OKfoodadd - worldwide E-marketplace for food additives is a guarantee to the food and safety.

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