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Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access · 11:18pm Oct 20th, 2015

Finally. Finally something to tide me over until Halo 5.

But, my face when my Presence stat bonus is so high that my healer has more hit points than me, the tank...

But the level sync is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. No more being overleveled. At last, the grind is fun again.

For instance, I'm Level 53, on Hoth doing the bonus series (which I don't think is considered a bonus series anymore). Hoth's top level is 42. So you're "downgraded" to Level 42, but still have all your moves, but you gain experience as if you were fighting level 53's.

I'm getting 13,000 XP for each gold enemy I kill. It's awesome.

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Comments ( 7 )

Really, sweet! I thought your character had the option of starting at level 60 or something, or am I thinking of the Darth Vitaie expansion? Still hyped, once I get my laptop up and running again

3485077 Yes, you can create a new level 60 character, but doing so disallows you from doing any pre-60 content. So no core worlds or anything.

3485081 Hmm, this may get me back to playing SWOTOR, aside from doing the Revan thing. Apparently, the Exile is given a canon name and gender as well. Though, if they made a new game based on the trailer, I would be happy

Interesting. Although it means not being able to outlevel the group quests to do them with a group of 2 or 3.

3485107 All Heroic 4's have been modified to Heroic 2's, and if your Presence is high enough, those are soloable.

I've barely started anything in the early access. I've been having to switch gear and sell things I don't need after everything that's changed.

So it finally caught up to Guild Wars.

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