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Missed My Own First Year Anniversity · 3:46pm Oct 20th, 2015

I made an account on the twelfth of October. That was a year ago... Let's hope I make it another year.

*claps hands*

Right so, currently on my personal roster are three one-shots: Flatlandia, Horns and Holes and Bucket Buddies. I'll probably have these three fics up and running sometime this week. On my request roster, Untitled (Celestia & Luna X Human threesome) and Untitled Deluxe (Shining Armor X Caramel). I want to build a production schedule so I'm looking for requests.

I'll have four slots open in general for requests (if I like your idea). Right now, two slots are filled and two slots are free.

Things I DON'T DO: Incest*. Foalcon. Heavy Vore.

*However, things like twins with a third party. Or sisters with a third party are allowed. Think threesomes. Like I always say, "Incest is only Wincest when someone is scoring twice."

Things I DO: Anthro. Humanized. Human X Pony. Pony X Pony. MxM. MxF. FxF. Cum-Inflation. Breast Expansion. Body Worship. Bimofication. TENTACLES*. Ass Expansion. Threesomes. Paizuri. Pet-Play. Bondage. Fluffy Relationship Drama. Angst. Ovioposition.

*I'll be honest. I'll do anything with tentacles. Anything.

You are free to pitch anything you want (however you want) to me but letting you know what I do and what I don't will help you specify your request and get it chosen. Once your request is accepted, I'll write a rought draft. Then send it to you to read and make suggestions. Then I make said changes. Then post.

Happy requesting.

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Here's my request: (Princess Cadence/Tentacles) 4,500 words of Consensual Tentacle Sex, Bukkake, Hoof Fetish, Cum Inflation, Very Light Watersports. No Gore, No Dark Overtones. Just some light bondage happy tentacle sex. :twilightblush:


SOLD! I just love tentacles. Send me in a pm any ideas on the setting and the specific scenario you want the tenta-action to occur. Or just let me know if you want me to connect the dots on my own.

Just off the top of my head, I'm thinking a crystal plant found in a sealed room in the crystal palace. Surprisingly domesticated and a fun way to pass the time with Shining stuck in Canterlot.

This anime, I need the name.

It's for, uh... research.

3484233 oviposition tentacles because yes

Sorry for the late response. It is Shimoneta or otherwise known as A World Where Dirty Jokes Do Not Exists. It's a raunchy comedy and you should prepare yourself because that anime is one wild ride.

I need a pitch. Who and what and where.

3488419 rainbow dash oviposition tentacles everything else is free game

I forgot my first year anniversary too XD I can has request?

Sure. Send me a pm and I'll write up something. No watersports, scat, or underaged foals tho.

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