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Meh blastin' tunes m8 · 6:29am Oct 20th, 2015

No, I don't normally speak like that, only when trying to make a joke or be comical in some way.
Notice how I said 'trying' and not 'succeeding'.

Anyway, I've been goin' through a phase of listening to brony music and it is awesome.

For me, I'll listen to a particular music group/genre for a couple weeks before moving on to something else.
It keeps things interesting. :twilightsmile:

Seriously though, there are some seriously talented people out there; music, art, animation, voice-acting and writing. You name it.

I'm just grateful to be part of it and being able to witness all of the awesome that people have to offer.

If you guys haven't listened to any before, give it a try, there are some really good ones out there.

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