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Ambient Nightfall

Name's Ambi, I write fanfiction about animation. If you're ever interested in trying out for voiceover for animations, get in touch with me on Tumblr @ambientnightfall, I have big plans for my work.

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    Rarepair Requests Needed!!

    Have a rarepair? We all do. Unlikely couples, no matter what their name, will always be a big part of any fandom. I will be starting a story soon that will act as a one-shot for any and all rarepairs. I will be doing free one-shot requests of varying word length!! Minimum 1000 words, maximum... there's no limit!

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  • 72 weeks
    To all my loyal followers

    Thank you for putting your time into me, and especially your loyalty to my stories.

    I'm afraid I won't be working on them for a long time, as I am currently undergoing some life concerns and I don't know if I'll even be able to make it day by day anymore. I've gotten medications to help, but I am not sure they are.

    Here's to me sticking it out.

    Many regrets,

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Thank You All · 1:46am Oct 19th, 2015

I just wanted to thank everyone who took a chance and read BDSTH. 170 views, 15 trackers, and 2 followers. To be honest, I never thought anyone would like it! I took a shot in the dark and gave my ship a bit of love, and some people like it! Even a reading from violentlyirrelevent! By the way, thank you as well. :twilightsmile: I feel happy and I felt the need to thank you all for giving my crack ship a chance. Even if you disliked it, or my style of writing, you gave it a chance. And for that I am grateful. It isn't a lot of success, but it's mine, y'know? I am happy with it, and I'm proud of myself. I also want to thank my wonderful girlfriend AspiringWriterBlackburn for helping me with the story and where to go with it. I love you, sweetheart. :heart:

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone. Likers, dislikers, followers, trackers, readers, and helpers. Thank you all. I am very appreciative and grateful.

Much love and with thanks!

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You're welcome~! I'm happy to help, it's what I love to do. I need to get back to writing myself, it's been ages since I've followed through with any of my writings. I'm proud of you, too; you're amazing. I love the story and where it's going. I love you so much. :twilightblush:

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