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The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows Review · 7:00pm Oct 18th, 2015

I can't believe I initially had no idea what the secret could have been. XD I'm a bit slow sometimes, I guess. But by the time I was watching it, I guessed what was going on. So, here we go!

Our story begins with Pinkie being tasked on preparing a special cake for the arrival of Shining Armor and Cadance. She then finds out, however, that there's a bit MORE to their arrival than initially thought. It's because they're using this opportunity to announce the fact that they're expecting a baby!

O.O Wow! A baby! I mean sure, it's hardly uncommon for a married couple, let alone a royal couple, to have a child. Hey, the Cakes had their babies back in season two! So we've seen glimpses of that before! It's just something else to see it like this. X3 I'm certainly curious about what they'll do with it overall!

Now Pinkie has to keep this a secret. Which she is having quite a lot of trouble with! Knowing Pinkie, it's no wonder! She's exuberant and loves to share such great news for others. Wow... I'm guessing this is karma from back in season one with Green Isn't Your Color! XD Except back then, Twilight actually would've had a good reason to reveal the secrets. Here, Pinkie didn't exactly make a direct Pinkie Promise, but she's still taking it very seriously.

Well, this episode was also written by G.M. Berrow, who writes the tie-in novels to the show. So it was interesting to see how that was going to turn out. Did it fair? Well, I would say it did for the most part.

Pinkie's facial expressions, oh my goodness, they were off the charts! XD I swear the animators were having a ball with them! It's interesting how the facial expressions of the puppets have improved over the past five seasons. Heck, season five has been all about hilarious and adorable expressions! XD Look out, IDW comics! You might have competition!

The episode does indeed run on the same joke, which can be a bit jarring at times. But it really is more about Pinkie being able to keep the secret, even if she is going berserk about it. Now of course, we've seen this plenty of times in other shows. And usually, they tend to have the secret spoiled somehow. Either by accident or because the person keeping it can't take it anymore. The latter almost happens! Amazing! I thought for sure it was going to go down that route, but I'm glad it didn't.

Pinkie was conflicted between doing the right thing and releasing pent-up eagerness and frustration. While it certainly was exaggerated, it was still a nice look at how struggling to keep a secret can be tough. Especially if it's the kind of secret everyone will eventually know about. But even she knew that the satisfaction of revealing it too soon would not have outweighed the guilt. Sometimes you do have to avoid taking the easy route.

It was all about trust, and Pinkie proved, despite her shortcomings (hey, she's only human!), she can be trusted. It was hard, she ALMOST failed, but it was still great she managed to.

And the closing bit where she turned to the camera was hilarious. XD

So while the joke got a bit old at times, there were still some great things about all this. Especially Shining Armor geeking out over his stuff! That was just priceless. X3 So it wasn't overly grand, and I wouldn't call it a favourite of mine, but it was still fun. I've also loved Shining and Cadance since the beginning, so it was nice to see them again. I definitely look forward to where this plotline will lead!

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Why is it whenever you make an MLP episode review, you take the words right out of my mouth? :rainbowlaugh:

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