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Who The Hell Is Prince Conjure? Pt. 2 · 6:33pm Oct 18th, 2015

So I was sitting down the morning, playing games, doing homework, and just having an al around great time. But I felt as if I was missing something.
Something important.
But like all other important things, I ignored it. I hopped on Fimfiction, read a few things I've been meaning to read, and reread over my chapters and got ready to go some more video games. But then I looked at a blog post called A bit of an Update.
So to stop myself from becoming the person who doesn't deliver what he say he will, I'm sitting down listening to Stan Lee vs Jim Henson to write the next part of Who The Hell Is Prince Conjure?.
Conjure started out as a story idea for a story written by my friend Chillbook1, or ChillSPOOK for the hallowe'ens. He was meant to represent me, a smart, smarmy, short person. He had green eyes, white skin, ginger hair, and was a unicorn. Since Chillbook was just starting out as a writer, he couldn't help but make him overpoweringly overpowered.
He described this overpowered-ness on the hidden potential of humans, which is a pretty valid, I guess. So due to this "hidden potential", Conjure had the ability to teleport great distances, stop time, rip holes into different dimensions, open controled black holes...
Yeah, the usual.
Before Conjure was around, Fluttershy took the spot as greatest, most bestest pony for me. Then, because he also has a super crush on her, AND he was the author, I was shafted. When confronted about who I think would be good for Conjure, I replied, "Maybe Twilight".
Bam. Twilight is new waifu. So when Twilight becomes princess in the spot of Celestia and Luna, what does that make Conjure? A prince, that's what
The fall of Prince Conjure was pretty tragic. Chillbook realized how "bad" his works were. So all works that included Prince Conjure were abolished, sadly. In tribute to his death, I've named more than a few things after him, including my username on this awesome site called Fimfiction.net.
Yeah, you have no reason to know it.
Anyway, I've finally dodged the fat man hanging over me called the second part of this duology. If I ever do something like this again, I'll try to be more efficient with my times.
Stay frosty, my friends.

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Ah, the story of Prince Conjure really takes me back to the good ol days of writing rubbish and thinking I'm the world's greatest. My, how things have changed

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