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Episode 19: Ironyverse Moment · 1:03am Oct 18th, 2015

Hey guys. Along time no see. Been having fun waking up, oh, 3~4 hours earlier than normal to play with electricity in a non mad scientist capacity. And I haven't even blown anything up yet! That can be proven in a court of law

So, anyway... I actually saw today's episode in a timely fashion. Which is... new. Pinkie-centric episodes are always a blast to watch, not going to lie, but there was one part in particular that gave me the stupidest grin, and it has everything to do with Applejack's reaction to this:

First thought: Apparently AJ's eyes regressed from perfectly formed to developing, soulless peepers by the time she learned how to speak, then grew again. Cuz, you know, consistency are hard.
Second though: Sweet merciful Jesus on a pogostick, ponies have atrocious penmanship. It's no wonder the Nightmare Moon prophecy snuck up on everypony despite being laid out, in no uncertain terms, exactly what would happen and when.
Third thought: Applejack's reaction when they first mentioned her birth certificate was so spot on with what Ironyverse AJ would do it wasn't funny. Hence, stupid grin.

There was a million other priceless moments in the episode, but that one took the cake for me.

Well anyway, that's it for me. Still writing... I'm playing with a few things to get the ball rolling faster. But I haven't forgotten you guys! So hopefully, fingers crossed, knock on wood, I'll be seeing you all sooner rather than later.

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Comments ( 5 )

Well, given that two thirds of the population has to hold writing utensils in their mouths, I imagine it's difficult to both write and see what they're doing.

But yeah, the eyes bother me too. Especially in an episode where the Cake twins are so prominent.


You forgot the part where Pinkie literally exploded and put herself back together, thus proving she's part draconequus:pinkiehappy:

I was thinking more like "Lego My Little Pony Confirmed!" But maybe that's just me :pinkiecrazy:

More like Appletini 1.0 Beta. :trollestia:

...she actually needs to prove that at this point? :rainbowhuh:

Doesn't Hasbro have their own brick system they can use? Something tells me that if we see "Build Your Own Pony", it won't be by Lego.

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