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I'm a cool gay guy who loves all the fandoms. I especially love Pokemon, My Little Pony, League of Legends, tons of Anime, and Supernatural. I love to read stories of many kinds.

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  • 236 weeks
    Read Chapter Two of the Universe Trip

    So I'm finally finished with Chapter two of the Universe Trip so go ahead and read it now. Yes I know I toook sooooo long, but I talked about why in my past two blogs. Anyway I hope ya'll like the new part and accept it as a decent part, I may of toook forever, but it might show in the quality of the new chapter. For now goodbye and I hope to see you guys next time and to all my fellow Bronies

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  • 236 weeks
    I should kill my self...

    Oh ok so I don't post when I said I would makes sense especially coming from me. I am the laziest person you will ever meet and I hate to do work for any reason. Ok yea not the best work ethic but it is soooo easy to just sit on my flank and do absolutely nothing. I mean there's youtube, league of legends, my new ps4, steam and its multiple games, legos, Christmas, plushies, other things that get

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  • 238 weeks
    Monday! Monday! Monday!

    Well I will finally publish part three or chapter two of the Universe trip, it's been like what a year now since I posted the last part. Nah I'm kidding, but bruh League like took over my life and I'm sorry about that. Also just add that I just really didn't want to write recently, I would of rather been playing League then do anything else. But now with me being at my dad's who does not have

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  • 242 weeks
    Sorry guys

    Okay yeah I know that currently my newest story the Universe Trip is of ever so popular, but something has came up. Let me give you some background, well about a year ago I played this game called League of Legends (add me: jerryman13). Well anyway that same year it stopped working on my main computer and my laptop, while my other games worked. I tried many times to re-download the game back onto

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  • 243 weeks
    So yea

    I had an issue with my typing on my main computer that I type with so that's the reason that the Universe Trip chapter one took so long to type and also I got some really good feedback from my kind of like pre-order group who reads it. Anyway I'm going to post The Universe Trip later tonight so look forward to that.

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Should I write this story after the Chrysalis origin story? · 11:19pm Oct 17th, 2015

Okay once I finish this story, whenever that happens, I want to write another story. Now I was thinking of writing a story about people being transported to the world of Equestria through their tv. And it will be a series of misadventures of them trying to escape the world of Equestria and get back to the real world. If it's successful and released on time then I will add a Halloween special where they temporally escape Equestria. In that story they go to a camp and the slasher film cliches happen as we all die. It won't be canon to the main story, but will be a fun little side story making fun of slasher films. I will release a heart's warming eve special if I actually release the main story. It will be poking fun at the cliches of Christmas movies and how overly romanticized they are. For Valentine's I might post if this gets posted a story of Heart and Hooves day, making fun of romantic comedies. All of these will be spin offs of the main story with them trying to escape Equestria. So the spin offs match the main story, I will be mentioning events that happen in the spin offs during the main story. Basically meaning Continuity, If I do write this story part one will most likely come out like next week. Anyway I hope you all like my Chrysalis origin story for now and like any of my future projects. Brohoof my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters

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Do it dude, sounds great!

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