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I love psychology and writing. I tend to write origional/experimental stories. I am the head of the School for New Writers and the EFNW writing track. My new favorite quote is "Why so ˈsir-ē-əs?"

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The Bravest Souls are Those With the Most to Fear (A Them's Fightin' Herds Crossover) · 8:11pm Oct 17th, 2015

New Story incoming! Because we need new stories about this game that Lauren Faust herself has worked on and even saved.

The prison on Fœnum is weakening and evil predators are once again on the hunt with more being sure to come as the barrier continues to weaken. The call has gone out to request the peaceful herbivore races of Fœnum to send champions to find the key, and reseal the prison.
But Fœnum has a sister world, Equestria. Equestria has chosen to intercede on behalf of their sister planet, and have sent six of their most accomplished champions to help six of the heroes of Fœnum.

This is an MLP crossover with Them’s Fighting Herds, Spiritual successor to Fighting is Magic. Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, lept to the rescue of Mane6, the production group, after a cease and desist order from Hasbro several years ago. Both worlds are designed by Lauren Faust and I acknowledge all characters, plot, and world from these Intellectual Properties as products of their respective owners.
Currently Them’s Fightin' Herds is on Indiegogo and is almost fully funded with a few days left. It has already been greenlit on Steam. Find out more at the following link and support them if you like what you see.

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