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SUPER Follow-up Fun Time! EG III: The Friendship Games, or, Sunset Ascending! · 12:24am Oct 17th, 2015

It's finally time! 99 blog posts and it's all lead to this!

Why did it take us so long to make this, you ask?

Because the wiki took its sweet time updating the pictures from the movie. But they're here! And we're here! And you're here! And I know what you want! 'Oh benevolent Albinocorn! Tell us your thoughts on the newest Equestria Girl movie! Please, entertain us some more!' And being the gracious host that I am, I shall indulge you!

And people call me a narcissist. You're not gonna start comparing everything they did in the movie to your story, are you?


Remember last year when you said you weren't gonna do that?

Yeeeeeeessss... My blog, my rules! I don't get paid to be humble!

You don't get paid at all.

And with that, my point stands! Now, let the games begin!

To all you newcomers, I'm The Albinocorn, and she's the lovely, reforming Sunset Shimmer, straight out of Long Road to Friendship.

I'm enjoying this vacation you're giving me.

You're the only one. That reminds me, how come they didn't ask you to be in the movie this time?

Because I charge too much apparently. And Rebecca has a really nice singing voice.

Well, let's see how she holds up to your image this time around.

Digging the outfit. Digging the facial expression. Off to a good start.

So, our story begins with Rainbow crying wold about an emergency. Turns out, she just needed some extra strings for her guitar.

See, that would have earned her a slap upside the head. Go on, Rebecca, slap her.

Sigh. She's still too nice.

So, you carry extra guitar strings around in your book bag?


Aww, look how happy you are.

Uggh, she's still writing to that self-righteous princess. Stop looking happy! You hate her! Stop writing to her! You hate her!

You hate her, not Rebecca.

She's playing me. I hate Twilight. Ergo, she hates Twilight.

Speaking of Twilights...

Who's that mysterious figure?

Wait, she's touching the back of the statue. So does that mean all sides of it are the portal? I thought it was just the front.

Please be careful, Sparky. You're messing with some dangerous stuff.

Close up on her pretty face!

Flattery will get you nowhere.

For a nerd with no athletic skills, that was pretty... athletic.

Seriously, when did Twilight learn to do that? I wanna do that!

Wow... she looks... really good in glasses.

Down, girl. Save it for the story. But I do love SciTwi's design. Expect me to integrate that into LRtF.

I'm okay with this.

This is a school?

Are those real crystals? Guess they weren't kidding when they decided to name this place Crystal Prep. This must have cost a fortune to build. I wonder how many people have tried to chip some of it off to sell it. I mean, geez, the real estate value must be through the roof.

Same with the tuition. Twilight must be loaded.

It's a Twispiracy!

So the conspiracy chart makes its return from the end of the last movie, and we we see Twilight's made some additions to it.

Tacos? Really, Sparky? I know you like to tackle problems from every angle, but this is ridiculous.

Work it, me!

The opening credits start, and we have Sunset looking like a flippin' badass! They all look good, but look at my girl! She's a strong, independent woman who don't need no man! ...But wants a certain girl.

Hey look, more credits!

The Sinister Six

Meet our antagonists. And I use that term loosely. They all have really great designs though. Especially Lemon Zest. She's pretty cute. She and Vinyl would get along great.

Someone ship it!

Ship it like this!

Remember when you used to treat Twilight like that? Remember when you claimed you hated her and couldn't stand her presence?

That was a long time ago! Just seeing me give her that glare is making me... sad. I was kinda a jerk to her.

Hey, you got better. Real better.


I'm not going to go through all the vs. stills, just this one because their faces are awesome. It's like they're playing a game of intense keep-away.

Never try and play keep-away with Pinkie and cupcakes. Learned that one the hard way.

Don't screw this up! But no pressure.

Welcome to the 75th HungerFriendship Games!

You wanna know why this is a super follow-up? Because it's going to be long as hell!

Whatcha got there, Twi? Besides creepy shadowing?

So, Sparky has just completed her deus ex death locket. Don't worry, I'm sure she's got it totally under control though. She's a scientist, she wouldn't use something without fully knowing what it does and how it does it.


To quote DrakeyC's quote: "I am a sexy kitty. Meow."

I mean... if I've got it, flaunt it.

So, here we are in the library with Sunset explaining her attraction encounter with the mysterious figure at the statue. The girls have one theory in mind: someone from Crystal Prep here to demoralize them before the games begin.

For a school filled with stuck up snobs, that's pretty creative.

Sunset brings up the point that the Friendship Games are supposed to, you know, bring friendship between the two schools. But it's a competition. We all know how competitions work. While I believe in fair play and good sportsmanship, not everyone thinks along those lines.

Seems Canterlot High has quite the losing streak too. Although, from what we've seen of the Crystal Prep building, they obviously have better facilities and whatnot. Public vs. private school. Guess which one wins?

Fortunately, Rainbow is ready to make some changes.

Oh hey, Flash is here to inspire us!

So, the games only happen every four years? And there's only twelve people per team? That seems... stupid. If you're a freshmen when the games come around, that means you'll never get a chance to play in them. Wouldn't two years be better? I mean, if you did manage to make friends with anyone from the other school, you'd never see them again once the games were over.

But, making it every four years guarantees new players each time. I see your point though.

Well... she's no Iron Will.

The beginning of this pep speech... isn't that peppy.

Well, after losing 74 consecutive times, it's hard to put a positive spin on things.

Time to pull out the big guns!

Ah, the marching band. Never had to dig too deep to make fun of them. Good times.

Hey, those outfits are pretty cool.

So the first scripted song goes to Rainbow as she tries to instill some confidence to the Wondercolts. It's no Rainbow Rocks, but I guess it'll do.

... Fuck you, Dash.

I'm sure she didn't mean any off—

No. Joke's over. Next time I see her, I will kick her in the teeth.

I think the colors are off a little.

Oh, so they remember the she-demon perfectly well, but forget what the trio of energy draining sirens look like! I see how it is!

Yaay, school pride!

That's not a lot of students though. Aren't pep rallies supposed to be for the entire school? Don't tell me that's all of CHS.

She got enough awesome points to unlock instant power-up

Well, that's interesting. I thought only playing music unlocked their powers.

Not anymore. And I'm okay with that!

I didn't do it!

Guilty conscience?

Force of habit. But I guess I'm not the only one wondering what the heck is going on.

Well, I suppose it would be unfair to get a magical boost during any part of the games. Congratulations, Sunset, you've been promoted to magical investigator!

"Which is the lie!?"

Pinkie's entry into the best face contest for the movie. Gonna be hard to beat Sunset though. And that's not my bias talking.

"Fanfiction? Who writes this garbage?"

See? She's just naturally talented at this. Also, harsh.

Oh, I'm joking. I find your stories... tolerable. Also, Rebecca sweetie, stop writing to the princess! You can do this on your own!

She looks angry. Do you think she's angry?

Looks like Twilight's having a rough time at school (called that by the way), just look at the way Fleur glares at her. You'd think Twilight stole her hairstyle or something.

No need to be mean just because she's better than you, Fleur!

That's right, Sunny, defend your woman.

She's not me... just keep going.

In this world, Twi also abuses Spike.

Poor Spike, can't catch a break in any world. It's a good thing he's cute.

See? Look how adorable that is.

...I miss Spot.

Damn, he can be scary when he wants to be.

So, Twilight's device tracks and contains bizarre energy. I'm no science expert but I have to wonder... how? She doesn't even know what the energy is how can she make a device that contains it?


Science doesn't work that way! Ugh, I need adorable pictures to calm down.

Spike being adorable.

Twilight being adorable.

Much better.

I mean, Twilight is being really adorable in that shot.

And then there's Cadence.



That's... a look.

Yep, that is a look.

...Her face is weird, Imma just say it.


She looks better in this shot.

So Cadence is the dean of the school. Cool I guess. Brings up another question though, is this a boarding school or something? Twilight appears to have her own room. Though, I think it's missing a bed. But Cadence tells her to put on a clean shirt for the principal. And I could be wrong, but isn't dean higher than principal?

Uuggh, too many questions!

Here, cute Spike.



Hey you! Kid with the floofy hair! Yeah, the blue one. I want your do! Seriously, I like their hair!

Anyway, we get singing Twilight! How you holding up, Sunset?

She's an angel... Uh... I mean, she's okay. It's nice.

Tsundere act's over, Sunny, the whole world knows how you feel.

Shut up!

Hiya, not Chrysalis!

What's with that chair? I want that chair. I bet it's real gold. The school's made of crystal, why not have a freakin gold chair?

So, this is Abacus Cinch, aka, totally not Chrysalis. She's looking pretty blue. Maybe the games will cheer her up.

That chin was carved from solid rock!

And this is Shining Armor. No, I'm serious, that's Shining.

He looks weirder than Cadence. I didn't think that was possible.

"I need an adult"
"I am an adult."

Remember kids, principals are you princi-pals! Unless they're this woman. Then they're related to Cruella de Vil.

So essentially, this hag is blackmailing Twilight into competing in the games, and in exchange, she'll help Twilight get into a fancy university. I hate her.

She has an odd fixation on reputation. What's wrong if Canterlot High gets one? What does reputation have to do with winning a game? It's a good confidence booster I guess, but doesn't guarantee anything.

One more shot of cute Spike.

In true Fluttershy fashion, Twilight hides Spike in her backpack. Looks like she's heading for the games... and a date with destiny. And then Sunset—ow!

That was just a love tap, you big baby.

Look, one of the three Shadowbolts that get character development!

Sour Sweet. Can't imagine why she's called that. Seriously, what is it with your names affecting your personality or talents?

You're gonna have to take that question up to Celestia. Still, if you named a kid 'Princess of Everything' would they grow up to be princess of everything? Anyway, we're digressing.

So sweet, she'll give you a cavity.

Starting to think it's less of the name and more, she's just bi-polar.

Lightning Dust!

It's like if Rainbow and Vinyl somehow made a baby together.

Didn't need that image in my head.

Stop talking.

Please, stop talking.

Sparky, shut up!

Well... she's still cute.

And Indigo Zap gets a spot in the best face competition. Way to go!

"You should consider not speaking in public."

Oh... Oh! Burn! Damn! There was no holding back on that one! Sit down, Twilight, you got served!

I hate her.

Look, it's the cute one!

Too bad Lemon Zest doesn't get to do... anything in the movie. She's probably my favorite. Her or Sugarcoat, because damn!

Wrong movie guys! This is the competition cliche.

So, if they don't know what the competitions are going to be, how is anyone supposed to prepare for them?

I guess it keeps things even and makes the team think on its toes?

I guess. I want to speak to the games director! I could probably do a better job!

Keep scowling and your face will get stuck like that.

Hey, that's just my natural expression.

See? I told you it'd get stuck.

You can't get mad at that face.

Aww, Marshmallow stop it. You're going to win the face-off if you keep it up. Oh and nice costumes too. Always top notch, even if they aren't.... practical.

Does this remind anyone of anything?

Twilight arrives at CHS, and what do you know, everyone seems to know her! I can't say I called that one really, there were like, twenty fics before mine that used that scenario. Which reminds me: how many fanfics burned in the fires of canon when this movie came out?

You mean besides yours?

Pfft, like I care about that, I'm my own canon!

Oh, God, no.

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Let's see how this encounter goes.

And it's over.

Getting a lot of deja vu vibes here.

So is Flash. Poor guy.

Hey, Derpy!

You know, I'm sure she's available, Flash.

You better take that back before the fandom forms an angry mob.

In what competition is this beneficial?

I love how everyone else is wearing something somewhat sports related... and then Rainbow is a British police officer.

Someone has to provide security.

Inspiration manifested!

You're just so gosh darn cute, Rarity.

Moreponying up? Hmm, perhaps it has something to do with their elements?

Hush, Sherlock, we haven't gotten that far yet.

Uhh, Rarity, your magic's leaking.

Well, this is a turn of events. What could be causing that?

Wild SciTwi appeared!

If you said the amulet of doom, you're correct!

Awww, look how happy you look.

Do you want me to punch you again?

No, please.

So, unbeknownst to the misfits, that Twilight isn't the princess. I guess the nervous demeanor, uniform, glasses,a and lack of recognition didn't give it away.

Fortunately, that's what we have Pinkie for.

I like her outfit.

She actually makes it work.

...We're not even at the first even yet.

My expression on a normal day.

Woohoo! Points for being angry at the princess for not responding to you! But, I'm taking those points away for relying on her in the first place. You don't need her!

Stop ignoring me!

You know, the only reason I want her to go back to Equestria is just so I can say shut up to everyone bitching about not wanting Equestria Girls to be canon. Even though it technically is.

Also, does something seem wrong to you?

Bad, Twilight! Stop eating Sunset's magic!

So, my magic is going through the portal and into Twilight's locket? But going through the portal leads to Equestria... so how is it going through the wall. How is it sucking magic anyway?

Now you see my dilemma!

You seem distraught.

You promised you weren't going to use that one!

But it's guaranteeing you a spot in the face-off! Just look at the horror on your face! It's great! Ow! I regret nothing!

My, showing a lot of leg there, ain't ya, Sunny?

What is she wearing? Dear Celestia, what is she wearing?

More importantly, when did they all change?

"We challenge you to a dance off."

As horrible as that dress is, Rebecca makes up for it by being quite assertive. I love it... I just wish it wasn't against Twilight.

"Let me play you a song on the world's smallest violin."

Meanwhile, we get the closest thing to a face-off between the Mane six and the Shadow six in this movie.

...We're still not at the events yet!

Guess who finished building her party cannons.

Love the subtle shout-out to the first movie. Pinkie's here to get this party rockin!

"Mine will be a nation of party."

You see that face? That's the face of a winner. That face says 'I will wreck your shit!' That is a face that can't be described in mere words. That is the face Pinkie Pie.

And that's the face of 'What the heck is going on?'

Twilight, if you can't keep your locket under control, it's going to have to leave the premises.

That can't be good.

So, who do you call for interdimensional rifts opening in the school? The janitor or maintenance?


The feedback was so bad, look what it did to Apple Bloom!

No seriously, what happened to Apple Bloom?

Every party needs a pooper, that's why they invited you!

Raise your hand if you hate her!


Here we are, at the first event of the Friendship Games! The academic decathlon! That only took forever. Also, it's implied it's a new day... so where did the Shadowcolts go to sleep? Did they ride the bus all the way back to Crystal Prep? Are they just going to keep shuttling back and forth for the events? Someone answer these questions!

Also, look how happy Sunset looks.

Are you going to point that out every time?

I like seeing you happy.

"I made a boom."

Oh, Derpy. Never stop trying.

I want that cake!

You see that face? Not Mona Lisa, Pinkie's. That is the face of domination. That face says 'You think you can beat me at my game? You're cute.' That is the face of Pinkie Pie.

And then there's Fluttershy being Fluttershy.

Aaaand pose!

Oooh, so that's what they practice in the meantime. Got get those dance numbers right. The song itself was... all right. I mean, all the music in this movie was all right. I guess I'm in the minority that didn't particularly enjoy it. I mean, Daniel Ingram always makes some good music, but after Rainbow Rocks the music for this movie felt... eh.

Look at that, Sugarcoat can smile.

They can also build a double-decker bird house... with a flame pattern. Okay, not bad. Let's see how CHS did.

... That thing needs to be condemned.

Come on, man! You're a hippy or something! You should know how to do this stuff!

(Apologies to hippies everywhere.)

Twilight ain't feelin' it.

I love how Suri is there too. Begs the question, where's Coco? I want my cute Coco.

You'll have to settle with me.

I can live with that.

Round 2, Spelling Bee.

Let's face it, the only reason there was an elimination round was so that we could get down to these twelve. You can't fool me, DHX.


To be honest, Dash was never the best speller.


That's just low-hanging fruit now.

Round 3

Hype levels are rising!

Two lovers. Their destiny is to stand against one another. Only one can walk away a winner.

You, stop jumping in your seat. Rebecca, stop making me glare at Twilight like that.


To be fair, that's impossible for me to even consider doing. So good job, Sunset, I knew you were a genius.

Thanks, even though that technically wasn't... eh, thanks anyway.

Twilight wins the first round for Crystal Prep! And there was much rejoicing!

Well, screw all of you too!

I know they don't exactly like her... but she's helping them win. And why don't they like her in the first place? Sure, she's socially introverted, but she's not evil or anything!

... Sparky, why are you in a bush?

Yes, that leaves a lot of questions, doesn't it?

... It's almost bedtime for you.

And then Fluttershy was Snow White.

Where does she keep all them? They can't all fit in her backpack, can they?

Twilight, what are you doing? Twilight, stahp!

That thing's just being greedy now. But this is why you shouldn't help the other team, Fluttershy! You be kind to them, and then they tear open portals to other worlds. Happens every time!

Responding to that would take too much effort.

Hey, Twi, you wanna try stopping it instead of gawking?

Fluttershy sprouts wings, Twilight's amulet goes into Pac-man mode again, and Spike chases a jackalope through a whole in the world. And Twilight looks on in surprise. Great work, science girl.

Hey, what would you do in that situation?

Something productive. Like scream. Or faint.

Scooby-Doo has nothing on Spike now.

So now, Spike can talk because... magic. Sure. I mean, it's not baaad but, why? He was fine as a regular dog, it puts some difference between him and the dragon Spike. But, fine, he can talk now.

Oh, joy, it's the hag.

More thinly veiled threats at Twilight's application. I might be wrong, but isn't that, I don't know, illegal? You're a smart girl, Twi, I'm pretty sure you can get in without her once she's in jail.

What is physics?

And now, they're cluing in that, just maybe, Twilight's death locket is stealing magic. Better late than never.

The odds are not in your favor.

And here, Rebecca delivers the nest line of the movie. Yes, this is overkill.

Pretty much what everyone was thinking when this was revealed. Question! This was supposed to be kept a secret, right? How? It's in their stadium and it's huge! What, did they get a giant tarp?

Thank goodness, they fixed Apple Bloom.

You know. For high schoolers.

Hasbro needs to pick up that phone, because I keep calling it! Sunset can ride a motorcycle! Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

Haha, NO!

As an archer, I have to point out everything wrong with what the fuck just happened. She had a decent grip, but I couldn't see her anchor point, and I'm pretty sure it was wrong. You can't shoot from that position! Even if you could, you accuracy and power would be dismal! You can't shoot three arrows at once—you cannot shoot three arrows at once! That is a moving target. Plus, I’m sure that’s just wood. That’s terrible for your arrows. And, YOU CAN'T SHOOT THREE ARROWS AT ONCE!

So, would anyone else like to try the right way?


Sigh. Let's see how Twilight's doing.

She's up!

She's down.


Aww, sweetie... you were so close.

Here's an idea: help her!

Team focused event... every girl for herself. Great friendship happening in these Friendship Games folks!

She looks angry. Do you think she's angry?

Creepy, but a worthy face entry. Good job, bi-polar girl. Though right now, she's all sour and nothing sweet.

That's... actually decent form.

But, Fluttershy, you're not going to hit anything if you don't—

Son of a—

It's a moving target! How are they getting bulls-eyes? I know people who have been practicing for years and they can't do that on command on a sitting target! ... Screw this game!

Well, here's Applejack reminding me why she's awesome.

She should thank Rarity. That outfit is kinda kickass.

Now, you're just showing off, Pinkie.

Thanks to Applejack being awesome, Canterlot is in the lead!

Applejack: reminding me why she is second-best pony since 2012.

You can do this, Twilight!

I'm pretty sure she used all her arrows by now. What would happen if someone did use all their arrows? Do they just lose or do they get a redo?

"You're really bad at this."

I'm going to tear her arms off.

I like this girl.

Way to be awesome, A.J!

Today's games were sponsored by Friendship. Friendship, you know, the thing we're supposed to be playing for.

... I hate all of you. Friendship or not.

Godammit, Twilight!

Just chuck the damn thing!

I-I was joking!

Well, that things been sucking magic all day. A little fall shouldn't have any negative effects—

Or, that could happen.

You should consider not speaking. Period.

It's not my fault Twilight can't control her magic-science thingy! Begs the question, is this the fault of science or magic? Which has gone too far?

I've seen enough anime—

No! No! Shut up! Don't go there! Not with her!

At the risk of losing feeling in my arm, I'll stop. But, uhh, everyone else can see this too, right? Giant vine on the track, magic portals?

No? Not seeing the danger? That's cool.

Celestia, it's Rainbow Rocks and the green mist all over again.

You know what this needs? A children's card game.

And here we go! Sunset being a badass again! Oh, and Rainbow's there too. It's them versus the Shadowbolts in a race to the death!

Quite literally. Someone's gonna die.

So, they see it now, right? Giant venus fly traps popping up over the course? Can I get a little confirmation?

Thank you.

Only took them a few minutes. Still, better than the last time this happened.

"Witness me!"

Unfortunately, the coolest stunt in this round goes to Indigo Zap.

You know, with giant plants eating students, now might be a good time to end this thing.

Nah, that'd be too logical. Where's the fun in that?

Don't think this makes up for the pep rally.

Rainbow's special ability activates. Her Speed Boost raises her speed higher than the foe's Indigo Zap.


Rainbow gained 1,000 ego points! Rainbow evolved into Super Rainbow Dash!

"I don't have to drive fast. Just faster than you."

I was wrong, this game is great! Loser gets to be plant food! These are the Hunger Games!

Super Rainbow Dash used Take Down!

Fortunately for them, Rainbow likes winning as fair as possible. She also prefers not having people get eaten by plants. Killjoy.

And the winner is Shimmer!


Just in time for Twilight to finally get the magic to stop going haywire. Convenient, no?

Wait, you missed a spot.

She got it contained, only to have it suck on Rainbow's magic teat ten seconds later.

That is by far, the best thing you've ever said.

Casually observing magic.

Yeah, that's a thing that happens in this movie. The Wondercolts are used to it after two previous events, I can buy that. The Shadowcolts? 'Oh hey, magic plant vines. Kinda dangerous, but okay. Oh hey, portals to weird places, odd.' Can I get a reaction of pure disbelief or terror or something other than, 'mmkay'?

Nooot quite the reaction I was looking for, but I'll take it.

No, no! Don't yell at her! It's not her fault... I mean, it kinda is, but don't yell at her! Look how sorry she is! Dammit, the one time she's totally in character and she yells at Twilight...

She seems to venting her own frustrations on poor Twilight. And you know, the fact that Twilight almost got them eaten.

Sigh... nice acting, Rebecca. You nailed it.

"I see them... all the shipfics of us..."

I can do my own narration, thank you... but yeah, that fits pretty well.

"I'm not touching yoooouu."

Seriously though, now would be a good time to end this as a tie.

But there's still like, fifteen minutes left. Besides, Twilight sucked the magic out of everyone, what's the worst that could happen now?


Ominous setting. Ominous foreshadowing. I seem to have invoked Murphy. Which means something great is about to happen!

"I need a responsible authority figure."
"... Drat, she has me there."

And here begins the only song I can genuinely say I liked this movie. It's sinister, it's creepy, and it's catchy. It utilizes the already ominous atmosphere, and intensifies it.

Though, you could just sum this up as them chanting 'peer pressure' at her over and over again.

Cute Twi, because.

"Do it, or I'll steal your soul."

Can't argue with that threat.

Two girls enter! One ship leaves!

You weren't kidding about that peer pressure. Having your whole school sing to you can make you do some crazy things. All this for a reputation.

Sunset after chapter 31 of LRtF

Hahahahahahaha—Ow! Still funny!

"If I die, this is all your fault."

I think I can feel my heart. It's breaking a little bit.

Yep, it's breaking.

You know, I feel like there's some reflection going on here.

I feel like we've been here before. have we been here before?

Holy crap! That's... not as shocking as it could have been.

I mean, I was still giddy at seeing it. But we knew this was coming since what, April? Thanks to the toyline Hasbro revealed, this little exciting nail biter kinda went out the window.

Speak for yourself, I'm freaking out right now!

As you should. Behold your new goddess, Mu-12 Midnight Sparkle!

Wait... she just turned into a demon... HA! There! Twilight did it too! My heart is still breaking, but HA! Can we put the 'raging she-demon behind us now?

That's right. Bow, mortal.

Look what you've wrought, Cinch. Let's see if your reputation is still in tact after Midnight gets through with you.

"If you have it, flaunt it."

Can I just say that all of Midnight's poses and facial expressions are just great? I think she wins the face-off for presence alone. See?

Stop exploiting my not-girlfriend's craziness!

Tell DHX to stop making her awesome!

"I tried the whole 'conquer Equestria' thing. it doesn't work!

There's a lot of role reversal going on around here. Freakin' loving it!

"Come and join me, Sunset. We can rule together."

Tempting... but, no.

"Are you suuure?"

Stop it.

So while Sunset tries to reason with her significant other, the world is kinda falling to pieces.

I mean that in every literal way.

Lemon, this is no time for bedroom eyes!

Luckily, even the Shadowbolts know when it's time to stop being pricks and help save some lives. Can't say the same for Cinch who ran away like a blue chicken.

Getting a lot of call backs to the first movie.

I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to rainbow laser Twilight in the face. That stuff hurts... a lot!

With our powers combined...

Wait, how are they doing that? i thought Twilight drained their magic?

Because friendship. It's unlimited magic!

Also, is this a thing that's happening?

This is a thing?

This is happening?

This is a thing that's happening?!

Can't breath. Mind reeling. Heart exploding. Fangasming. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Is... is that me?


I mean, I like the dress, and the wings, and the horn. But what's with the mask? Who's not gonna know it's me?

Don't ruin the moment! You just mega-evolved went super sayian awakened as the zero-type Izayoi!


You'd get it if you played Blazblue with me!

"I shall purify your sins."

I can quote myself! Also, what are you on about?

Fine, I'm defaulting to Super Sayian. You know that reference, right?


She looks angry. Do you think she's angry?

Oh shit, this is going to be good!

I think the universe broke for a second.

There's no quote or quip that can capture my excitement at this moment. It was just awesome.

"Galick gun!"



... Ugh, fine. Kamehameeeee....


I can die happy now.

Puppy ex machina

And now we know the reason why they let Spike talk. For this one scene right here. To foil Midnight at the right moment.

Well, it worked.

Still 'meh' on the idea but, good job Spike.



Aaaand, magic beam to the face. Gonna pay for that later.

Let's face it, the animators just got lazy and decided to to color in this one frame. I see through you DHX!

And the wheel comes full circle.

My heart is full of feels right now.

So many feels.

Also, dat shading!

All the freaking feels!

Oh good, she didn't end up in a smoldering crater. Rebecca handled that... quite well.

I know you're happy, Sunset, but this isn't a good time to feel her up.

Ow, ow, ow! Still worth it!

Cute Twi, because.

Oh... she's still here.

Yeah, let's forget that the world almost got destroyed, let's focus on the fact that Canterlot High 'cheated' to win the games. Clearly, the games to precedence over everything else, not checking whether to see if any of your students are harmed mentally or physically.

You know what? I'll let Sugarcoat handle it.

"Bitch, sit down."

... I like her.

Triple tag team!

Explains a lot doesn't? What school board is going to believe a story about alternate worlds, demons, sirens and magic?

And Sunset's like, "I run this shit, motherfucker."

For the last time, I can handle my own lines! ...I run this shit, motherfucker!

I love you.

Whoa there, it's not graduation yet.

So, with all that behind them, Celestia declares them all special snowflakes winners! Given what happened, that's fair. Under any other circumstance, that'd be a cop-out of the ages.

Look how happy I am.

So at the end of it all, I finally realize, I don't need stupid friendship princess hanging over my shoulder all the time. Good job, Rebecca. The only thing that would have made this scene better is me throwing the journal in a fire.

We don't need the princess, we've got SciTwi.

And thus, The Spectacular Seven was born. Trademarked!

Sweet implications.

So that was a thing! It was a good thing! I had a lot of fun watching it despite its flaws. Honestly, I enjoy watching all of the EG movies despite their flaws. Though, as epic as the ending was between Sunset and Twilight, the movie felt like it was missing something. It was a good film, but not as good as Rainbow Rocks. Maybe it was the music?

Either way, I got to see myself be more assertive and a little more confident, even if I was waiting for the princess' help... And if I did use some of that assertiveness against Twilight.

It was a great milestone for you. You unofficially ascended! Princess Sunset Shimmer! How does that sound?

Not as good as I thought it would... but I still kinda like it.

So, movie was pretty good. Characters were great. There's a good difference between pony Twi and SciTwi. Music was... all right. But it was enjoyable fun. I got... ideas... I can use for later stories. Mwaha..hahaha...

That's never good.


You're just a bit late to the party.

And with that, we're gone! Hope you enjoyed this ridiculously long follow-up, 100 blog post special. I went crazy with the pictures, but, it was worth it!

"Fine, I'll marry you, but only because you're so cute. Stupid.


Good night everyone.

Comments ( 49 )

God I love these follow ups. So awesome!
Love all your work. Please keep it up!
SUNSET SHIMMER IS BEST. Not just best pony. She is BEST!

LOLZ! I practically agree with you on EVERY topic mentioned here! Can't wait to see your ideas that you've gained from EG:FG.

I love you sunset. When will you leave albinocorn lol.


As always, your follow ups make me laugh! So great job, dude!

...Now I won't feel so bad when I tell you to go fuck yourself! You don't like That awesome dress Sunset was wearing?! How dare you not like something that I like! Just... I never thought I could hate someone I've never met, yet I felt it for YOU when I read that line. Ugh! How could you not like it? She looks so nice! Shit bro...

This was beautiful and felt like I was watching the movie over again.

No. Joke's over. Next time I see her, I will kick her in the teeth.

I expect to see this in the next chapter. :trollestia:

Hey, did anyone else notice that the portals led to the same cave/forest place Applebloom kept walking into in her dream episode? The one with the creepy voice that sounded a lot like Starlight Glimmer? I think this also takes place at the same time as the season finale...

Hilarious, as always. :pinkiehappy:

Can I get a reaction of pure disbelief or terror or something other than, 'mmkay'?

Your wish is my command. Watch Sour Sweet.


In any case, a very fun rundown. Thank you for it. (And for reminding me that I have some catching up to do with LRtF. :twilightsheepish:)

Always fun to read your blog posts with LRtF Sunset commenting. Was looking forward to your reaction to FG. Not as good a movie as RR (not quite sure they can ever match that), but pretty good still.

Not only was it a great review, but it had DBZ Abridged references!

Good, very good, this should put some fuel on your Sunlight (OTP) shipping story.

I am pleased to know that.

Also TFS reference -1 Sin

This was a blast to read. I love shit like this. :rainbowlaugh:

To quote DrakeyC's quote: "I am a sexy kitty. Meow."

The Redundancy Department of Redundancy has a position available for you.

Also, I take full responsibility for your obsession with DBZA. Point goes to me. :P

Awesome review! I like the run-down and references, especially how you create the mind-set of Sunset to add along with your own thoughts. Very well done!

Now I can't decide which is cuter, SunLight or RariLight......

just look at the way Fleur glares at her. You'd think Twilight stole her hairstyle or something.

Hey, that's a freference to "I hate you, Twilight."

i like it and i agree with every topic and it was funny reading it.
This should give you some more ideas on SunLight story
Midnight Sparkel and Daydream Shimmer look amazing they did a nice job ther tho :D

In this world, Twi also abuses Spike.

I'm pretty sure I said that word for word during that scene.
Though I guess a lot of people probably said that.

You see that face? Not Mona Lisa, Pinkie's. That is the face of domination. That face says 'You think you can beat me at my game? You're cute.' That is the face of Pinkie Pie.

My favorite scene of the movie. Witch actually makes me feel really weird, since I really wanted Sunset to have my favorite scene. What with her being my favorite character and all.
But Pinkie just so thoroughly owning Crystal Prep was just to glorious. Something to do with the movie putting so much emphasis on the Friendship Games and this is probably the one scene that really shows Canterlot High not only competing, but hands down winning.

Though that fight scene? Yeah, that was nice and epic and callbacky and what not. Good show. I rate it below Rainbow Rocks and above the original movie.

Albinocorn: You know, the only reason I want her to go back to Equestria is just so I can say shut up to everyone bitching about not wanting Equestria Girls to be canon. Even though it technically is.

Ha, that's a really really good reason.

Sunset: So, my magic is going through the portal and into Twilight's locket? But going through the portal leads to Equestria... so how is it going through the wall. How is it sucking magic anyway?

The portal is not a raw wormhole to Equestria. It functions as a "processor", and that's the function the locket is piggybacking off of.

Sci Twi configured her locket to mainly detect the portal's magic, since that's what first clued her in to Canterlot High, and where she got all of her readings data. So her locket reacts most strongly when resonating with the portal. Which is why SS didn't have to be actively using magic (pony-up) to still be drained; she just had to be contacting the portal.

AC: I know they don't exactly like her... but she's helping them win. And why don't they like her in the first place?

I think that Twi's tell-tale quip was something like "Who cares about these games? They're not important." I'm betting that unwise opinion of hers got viral'd around the school.

AC: You can't shoot from that position! Even if you could, you accuracy and power would be dismal!

True, you can't shoot 3 arrows at once. But she can shoot fine from any position if she's only hitting close-by foam/straw/softwood targets with light arrows from a 20-30 lbs draw. It was a speed/trick shooting contest.

AC: It's a moving target! How are they getting bulls-eyes? Screw this game!

Face it. Fluttershy's more talented than yous.

OhMyGosh! This so fun and funny to read! :rainbowlaugh:

Personally, I thought "Acadeca" was a great song.

You can never go wrong with quoting DBZA! :rainbowlaugh:

As an archer, I have to point out everything wrong with what the fuck just happened. She had a decent grip, but I couldn't see her anchor point, and I'm pretty sure it was wrong. You can't shoot from that position! Even if you could, you accuracy and power would be dismal! You can't shoot three arrows at once—you cannot shoot three arrows at once! That is a moving target. Plus, I’m sure that’s just wood. That’s terrible for your arrows. And, YOU CAN'T SHOOT THREE ARROWS AT ONCE!

You know what is hilarious. I'm swordsman as a hobby and I had plenty of experience with fighting with various weapons. Including knife fights and after reading chapter of LRtF with Sunset vs Gilda I was considering writing a rant about it (for example a knife blades do not clash, especially repeatedly - it's completely unpractical and very unlikely to parry attack with your own knife).

But then I thought, that it will make no sense to make you feel bad when most people have no reason to care about those details and your work is still enjoyable. And now reading this rant seems like punchline to a joke.

In other news this follow-up is hilarious - I hope you will keep them coming (maybe do your favorite episodes from seasons past?)

How are they going to top this for the Fourth movie?

Maybe have a DRift left stuck somewhere. Spike collar would be intresting.

As for shooting arrows, Im so bad, at the last knights beat em up, I ended up holding it out in front of me so I could look Straight down the arrow. My clustering, for the second time using that bow, was far better, instead of a nice clean line down the left side of the target, a nice 4 inch grouping round the aim point.

I miss being able to pull 100 long and 180 cross. :twilightoops:

What was missing from this film was the sheer awesome that was Adagio, but I'll be content because it was still pretty darn good. I was happy that we got to see Sunset's anger get the better of her a couple times, helped to show that she's still working on that whole friendship thing. Good review?

I mean... if I've got it, flaunt it.

Was someone reading Fractured Sunlight, perhaps?

I can't really specifically point them out (cuz I'm on my phone) but I spotted a few spelling errors. Might take a look if you have the time (if you care lol).

Oh and I thought the movie was good not as good as RR but good none the less. Sunny was especially good. My favorite things were that Pinkie scene (that you got rekt face XD) and the Song Twi sang while wondering around the school (can't remember the name right now). Also what did you think of the deleted scenes (if you've seen them). I thought they were better.

I went crazy with the pictures, but, it was worth it!

Well worth it.

Yeah, the climax really was the best part of the movie, from "Unleash the Magic" to Sunset's Ascension/Coronation to that final clash.

EDIT: And I do agree it's sad they didn't get to flesh out the Shadowbolts more.

In what competition is this beneficial?
I love how everyone else is wearing something somewhat sports related... and then Rainbow is a British police officer.
Someone has to provide security.

What do you mean? What if they have an "impersonate a British police officer" event? What would she wear if not for this costume? :pinkiegasp:

3475576 :trollestia:

3476039 An unspoken rule among my archery team is, ignore Lars Anderson.

3476442 The deleted duet was great! Because, more Sunset! and shipping fuel!

In this world, Twi also abuses Spike.

Ah, season premiere references.

Looks like Twilight's having a rough time at school (called that by the way), just look at the way Fleur glares at her. You'd think Twilight stole her hairstyle or something.

Well, there was that one story that I can't remember what it's called that was in the feature box I think? Maybe?


The one with the creepy voice that sounded a lot like Starlight Glimmer?

:rainbowderp: Oh my gosh. I never thought of that? Although, how would she go back in time and manage to get in a dream, if that does happen at all in the finale?

3477256 Okay, so at the end of the opener Starlight ran into the caves right? She also knows crazy magic that only the Princess's should know. So during Applebloom's episode, Starlight was dreamwalking and whenever Applebloom talked to her it was in the cave Starlight's hiding in. Also, at the end of this movie pony Twilight finally shows up and says something about being caught in a timeloop. The cutie mark stealing spell was probably derived from Starswirl's that Twilight finished. Starswirl is also an expert in time magic. You see where I'm going with this? :twilightsmile:


3476039 That video is fascinating. :pinkiegasp:

Hey, Sunny! Your big bro Radiant Dawn here! Think you could open up one of those portal thingies and come visit me? You'll have to excuse Bauglir100's response (which I edited out for the sake of avoiding arguments). He's been upset about the way FG was written. He's taking a breather right now, so I thought I'd let you know that you were still awesome in it either way. I'm so proud of you for becoming an...alicorn? Uh...care to come over anyway to see if you did become an alicorn?

It was worth reading through all of this to see the various interactions between you and Sunset, and those captions below each image felt appropriate, hilarious, snarky, and other expressions too numerous to mention. Even after watching this movie 22 times (I'm actually not kidding on this one), I still can't get enough of it, but I could watch those deleted scenes a few more times just to memorize the dialogue even though they weren't used in the final version.

"Real" archers hate it. Mainly because what Lars is doing is trick shooting, but in the vid he advertises it as "real archery derived from ancient military history."
Still, it's legitimate trick shooting.

Ha, I remember doing obsessive things like that back with Secret Of NIMH and Dragon Warrior (anime). Each helped me reach my next developmental milestone in art skillz; I was drawing literal piles of fan art.
I can't obsess like that anymore, though.


I know nothing about archery. The closest I've ever come to doing it is playing Legend of Zelda, and that's going to be farthest I ever get in my life. However, I firmly believe it doesn't matter if people take issue with the methods Lars uses to be awesome at something I'll never be good at, because he still looks like he received a Ph.D. in HolyFuckingShitThatWasSoSick-ery. And I'm pretty sure that, as long as you look cool doing it, only people who actually know what they are doing will care enough to point out the flaws in your system of awesome. Had you not told me that "'real' archers hate it" I never would have known.

I told you so that you can enjoy his awesome trick shooting the same way you can enjoy this...
images.sodahead.com/polls/003954837/3020187442_Hawkeye_falling_xlarge.jpeg i.imgur.com/AMFeNOD.gif
... but if you're ever in the company of archers, you can also stay cool and say "Yeah I know he's doing trick shots, not real archery."


I've never obsessed over anything before, so I wanted to try it with Friendship Games, and so far I remain relatively the same even though I've memorized all of the songs save for two which are about 85% memorized each, and can speak most of the dialogue provided that I'm watching it there and then.

What are your thoughts on the deleted scenes of Friendship Games?






This film frustrated me from a storytelling perspective. There were a lot of little things to enjoy in it though, which recaps like this are perfect for highlighting... this was a lot of fun, and I loved the various screenshots (even if it was a pain for my old tablet to load them all.)

My own thoughts on the film: I didn't actually dislike it, mind you. Still, it let the odd plot trample over any themes that might have been developed. The first EQG film, for all that it had to set up the whole tortured premise, still found room to make it about Twilight getting to feel that her Princess status was earned... Stripped of every advantage, including being the most magical unicorn in all the land, she is able to repeat her successes to a certain degree.

The next one had that nice (and apparently late edition to the script) kitchen scene to focus in on the themes of acceptance and expectations. Twilight's struggles aren't all that interesting and don't have much of a pay-off for her, but they allow for an excellent opening for Sunset to be fully accepted into the group.

The point of this third one seems to be entirely about fully handing off the baton from Twilight to Sunset as the latter learns to stop relying on the Princess and gets to swap roles with her for the big ending. The problem is that her actual story arc is just: Gets tasked with finding some understanding of magic in the world, is frustrated Princess Twilight won't write back, comes to the painfully obvious conclusion at the end. Her side of the story is not only uninteresting, it's barely there... And yet the point of it all seemed to be to establish her as the series lead. Meanwhile, SciTwi's story is vague and random (she sings about wanting "something", accidentally collects magic, then turns evil for absolutely no reason and with no set-up whatsoever) and yet she feel like the focus of the film.

I know from the deleted scenes that Sunset's story arc was rather significantly changed, and possibly paired back as a result. I think it shows in the final film. I really like the concept of that big ending, but the story before it didn't lead up to it in any kind of satisfying way.

Haha, I was waiting for the wikia to update with all the images too :P

Overall, I felt the movie was weaker than Rainbow Rocks, but stronger than the first movie. Maybe it's just because Rainbow Rocks was music-based, but it was just so good and almost perfect. Friendship Games was fun, but I didn't feel it had the same impact as the second movie. Plus, I wish they had aired it in theaters :(.

That said, it definitely had the best portrayal of Sunset so far and everything really came full circle. She acted so much like Twilight in this movie, freaking out about not getting a response, and really acted like a leader. There was a nice balance of her heart, empathy and guilt from the last movie, with more of the confidence and fiery edge from the first. She's definitely still a "bad girl" without actually being bad :twilightsmile:. Her new conscious and her friends now help rein her back in when she steps too far.

I've also said before how Meghan Mccartney said that her EoH would be 'empathy' and it makes a ton of sense when you consider that's EXACTLY why she powered up at the end. She wanted to help Sci-Twi because she's been in her situation before.

It was disappointing that so much got cut out from the movie, but I'm honestly glad that it was and Ishi explained on Twitter that it all happened for a reason. Everything happening with Sunset's homesickness looks like it should be in another movie and I think that's going to be the case! from the deleted scenes though, it looks like Sunset really WAS going to stay officially in the human world which is a pretty huge development, but she was at least going to go back to Equestria to explain everything that happened. I wasn't super crazy though that Sunset was only really homesick for the more dependable magic of Equestria as opposed to making up with Celestia, everyone she may have abused over there, and so much more. It makes me glad they cut those scenes out because there are so many bigger and better reasons why she would want to go back. Like the idea that she's basically put her life in stasis since she first arrived in the human world and she needs to decide, sooner or later, what she intends to do with her future.

That's the thing about Sunset! despite all her growth, her future is still undecided! she's the de-facto leader of the Rainbooms, but it feels tentative and we just don't know exactly what her place is. The 'phoenix' motif, her transformation at the end with the magic of friendship, not to mention the purple (Twilight) and red-orange (Sunset) stars glowing together at the end...I wonder what it means! ^__^ (personally, I think it expresses that they're at least on the same level now).

Even though I still love the world of Equestria the most, I honestly really enjoy the 'strange new world' of Equestria Girls more than ever. I hope we'll get to see more and we at least know there will be one more movie confirmed <3.

How do I like this? This deserves, like twenty from me alone.

This was really funny. Almost on par with the Analysts Bronies React video CellSpex did. Please do more of these. Moar!

... I like her.

Everyone does.

I honestly find this to be the best of the 3 EQG movies so far.
It's overall lower key than the others for the most part, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
And Cinch is a better villain, and a lot creepier, than the Sirens ever were.
Unleash the Magic is the creepiest AND best song from the movies.

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