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My cat passed away last night · 3:46pm Oct 16th, 2015

Punk Rock Girl, aka Punkers, was at least 16 years old. After many years of being a typical crazy cat - waking up and yelling out meows until someone reassured her she wasn't dreaming, being delighted with the windowbox we set up for her, and so on - the last few days she started being tired.

Yesterday, I took her to the vet, and the bloodwork said her kidneys were at least 75% gone, and I got some medicine. Before it could do her any good, she got worse, and by the evening, she couldn't stand anymore, and was crawling to stretch out in a dark corner. With some help from my relatives, I made the choice, and we drove her to an open vet, and at 7pm, she was gone.

I stayed the night with a relative, and am back home now. I'm nowhere near cheerful, but I'm close enough to functional. I'm blowing off all my chores and such today, and will probably be watching classic Looney Tunes cartoons and pushing other rarely-used cheer-up buttons.

If you've got a pet, give 'em a hug from me today.

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She's out of pain now, for what it's worth. And it sounds as though she had a wonderful life with you. My heart goes out to you.

My condolences. I know how it feels.

...as for some cheer-up buttons, I can share some I had pushed today, but they involve cats, so you may not benefit.

That's pretty bad. I'll give my kitties an extra hug for you.

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