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MLP vs your civics textbook · 3:05am Oct 15th, 2015

There are basically two keys to doing good public choice theory:

1) Look.

2) Read a grade school civics textbook, then assume the opposite.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic presents a bitterly cynical portrayal of democratic elections in "The Vote" song. Pip is a silent pawn of the organized minority special interest group, the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They control every aspect of his election, handle his marketing and stir up support among the rationally ignorant and ideologically motivated electorate. There is not even a whiff of explanation as to why Pip might be a good president or even better than Diamond Tiara.

Diamond Tiara's first tactic is a favorite of every despot: fear. Strangely she does not appeal to perhaps her most powerful motivator: the bias in favor of the status quo. When that fails against the CMC's slick and rehearsed campaign song, she attempts plain bribery. She might have done better to realize that voters are more ideologically motivated than many suspect. People, and ponies, vote for what they think is right, not what is best for them...the CMC realize this, and appeal to the vaguest, broadest sense of "right," so vague and broad that it has no content...if anything, the lack of substance and the immediacy of the emotional response works in their favor. This is what Silver Spoon is trying to tell Diamond Tiara before she is interrupted.

Diamond Tiara would have done better to promise to be useful to some organized minority, as Pip presumably was to the CMC. It is only the division of labor and comparative advantage. Pip did what politicians do best: smile and wave. He kept his mouth shut and presumed not to know anything about actual electioneering. He was a face for ponies to project their own optimistic expectations onto. The instant Diamond Tiara did anything, she lost her chance to be maximally appealing to all.

...By the end of the episode, Diamond Tiara is happier in her position as a civil servant than she ever would have been as a leader of the government. She comes from a family of politicians and was pushed into it by her domineering mother, a clear analogy to the Kennedy dynasty, as symbolized by all the horses in the episode, who represent Camelot. Unable to compromise her inner self as Pip did, she was forced to brutality and base manipulation to maintain her position. Freed from the requirements of winning reelection, she is free to be the pony she wants to be, a petty tyrant of the playground...soon there will be permits to use the slides, which will open at noon and be closed through recess...


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Comments ( 10 )

You should totally submit this to Equestria Daily as an editorial. I love it.

3471195 I second this motion. All in favor?

Don't forget Pip making promises he had no ability to keep as a key platform for winning the election. Did he ever examine the school board budget to see if there was money for new playground equipment before he promised it? Somehow I doubt it.

And now the fix is in. Pipsqueak will be the Eva Perone for Diamond Tiara, implementing her policies if he wants to get his hands on either the school board's budget or "private donations" from her father.

You just know that Diamond Tiara statue will be built eventually, and Pipsqueak's telegenic face will be right there at the ceremony, cutting the ribbon...

This is beautiful.

Though let's face it, Diamond Tiara has realized she doesn't need to be in charge to control the government so long as she controls the pocketbooks.

What a glorious post.

Everything I like about you is on full display here, in concentrated form.

There is not even a whiff of explanation as to why Pip might be a good president or even better than Diamond Tiara.

Perhaps Pipsqueak's campaign was metacommentary on the success of Donald Trump and Ben Carson's campaigns in the crowded American GOP primary field. Given Congress'/Tiara's abysmal popularity ratings, they don't need to present themselves as positive forces, or even competent. Positioning themselves as outsider candidates, and nakedly appealing to populist outrage over the status quo, is their campaign, and their greatest strength. The more they act like competent, professional leaders, the more they look like the politicians they're replacing.

Author Interviewer

People, and ponies, vote for what they think is right, not what is best for them

This is the realest, most eye-opening shit I have ever read on this site.

3480187 "... The more they act like competent, professional leaders, the more they look like the politicians they're replacing."

You spelled 'incompetent' wrong there. :rainbowlaugh:

Years later, Pip and Diamond Tiara are pulling a card laden with toys for orphans when they tragically plunge off of Cloppaquiddick Bridge...

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