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A Dutch gentleman of leisure, living for pleasure, since mirth is my measure. Writing stories that are (mostly) unique and psychological of nature and visiting conventions whenever I can.

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So there was this little package · 6:40pm Oct 14th, 2015

A little (or big) package was delivered at my home today and, it was bigger than I had expected it to be. A lot bigger, in fact. Normally I don't show these here, but I felt that this one was a bit more special out of all the other packages I usually receive in a month's worth of time.

(Batman be for scale)
But friendship and magic, as well as Nightmare Forces inside of it? My curiosity was sparked, that much was true. And after a couple of careful and unfortunately undocumented cuts later, the contents of the precious box were revealed to me. Something that's, well, terrifying! For within, was nopony else then,

The Queen of Fear, Nightmare Rarity herself!

Hihi! You have no idea just how happy I am to finally have a plush from her! It took a long time, but it had been worth the wait! Long story short, after Hearth's Warming Con in Hoofddorp earlier this year, I contacted meplushyou for a commission and -with a boatload worth of patience- she arrived as an amazing plush! I am just utterly happy and thrilled to finally have Nightmare Rarity, after a period of 8 months. Patience, truly is, a virtue and those who wait, can anticipate great things. And this plush certain has been, worth the wait.

Now where is she? I need to cuddle the evilness out of her!

Comments ( 3 )

Totally adorable! Now time to fight to the death over her.

3470296 I know right! 0-0 Oh crap... Another, fight to the death?

Ohh! :heart:
Awesome :D
Would love to commission my own plushie one day ^_^

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