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So...I'm going to finish WTC tonight. Also...want to come to my birthday party? · 5:01am Oct 14th, 2015

Tonight's the night you'll get the Finale and epilogue of WTC. Going to finish up right now and get that shit posted ('ll even separate the epilogue from the ending, just to make it prettier). Before Friday is out, I'll post the alternate ending as well.

Now that that's settled...*ahem*

So, given that I have to go search for stolen hockey gear this weekend, my birthday plans were canceled. I am making back up plans now, and, well, I decided why not invite all you fuckers to celebrate with me. After all, I'm always saying come drink with me, so I best put my money where my mouth is.
I'm serious.

So, here's what I'm going to do:

Pencil's Pathetic Pity Party (better known as my birthday, a day I fucking LOVE so that 'pity' and 'pathetic' bit is sarcasm)
When: Saturday, 6PM PST until whenever (because California, bitches.)
-Have a big stupid skype call for anyone who wants to hang out
-Stream some pony. Beware, I might show some original pon though.
-Play some CAH or Never have I ever...which I will inevitably lose
-Drink heavily
-Write a drunken oneshit you can help inspire
-Maybe draw some shit. Yeah, it'll be vomit-related, I'm sure.

I'll be asking a few people in particular if they want to go because...well... I have friends, I think. So you might get bugged about this doubly if you know me in person (Wuten, Priest, Bolding, 8th, Missing, and others who know who they are so don't get salty about not being named....prepare your respective anuses) But if you have nothing to do on Saturday night (what the fuck, really? Nothing? You loser.) and you want in, just add me on Skype. If you look up Anonpencil, you should find me.
This might be like me and 5 others, this might be 10 others. Dunno, don't care. This just sounds like a low cost way to celebrate myself because, yeah, I'm awesome. Come listen to me get drunk as fuck and stupid on my favorite holiday.

Now, back to working on WTC.


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Comments ( 12 )

-Write a drunken oneshit you can help inspire

I can finally have Luna on Celestia necrophiliac action!

I seriously read WTC as world trade center.


This makes me happy in a weird way. I'm ok with that.

Ooohhh. this sounds fun. I'll totally try to make it.

Cool, I'll try to make it, but I'm not certain if I will make it. It's a really tough call

Here you go, this and some other chapters around the story should contain that.
Ps: read at own risk of sanity:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for passing that along!

Holy shit thank you.

Now I just need to find a Nazi gang rape!

I'll have to draw something for you to celebrate. <3

No problemo
Glad i could help!:pinkiehappy:

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