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Anyone Into Monster Girls? · 10:24pm Oct 13th, 2015

I've gotten into the genre (as folks on reddit call it) for the last couple of months. The influence started creeping into my fics with Assuming The Position and came to its fruition with Release.


I'm lying. It's been creeping in a lot of my fics (not on this account).

And by the way, here's best girl.

Why do I like interspecies romance and why did it loosen me up for any Human X Anything?

I don't know, I just find it fun to experiment, write and play with.

I think the cuddle-craze has left me and has been replaced by the need to write smutty erotica.

I'm sure that this will pass... Right? Right!?

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I love that series too.:pinkiegasp:

Me too. Waiting for chapter updates suck though.

3467841 Sure does. I like the spider girl the most, too.

I read some of it but I stop. Shouldn't there a game about it?


Yeah. I think it's called Monster Girl Quest and there are three or two games already translated in English. I know one of them is a visual novel but there's a fighting game too.

3468070 huh, I thought there was only one didn't know they made other. :twilightsheepish:

Kii's my personal favorite, along with Zombina, for their design and personality respectively.
Da'wwwww...she's like a treeeeeeee...
That moment when Zombina is all outta bubblegum



Pappi is adorably dumb. She tries, but she gets into such hilarious situations, like that thing with that photo and her mom.

Mero is also too amusing for me. I'm a bit of a romantic, so a tragic romantic is relatable. Even if it is absurd, like trying to accidentally kill Darling with underwater sex so she gets pregnant with his children, his legacy living on through them, or making a HUGE DEAL out of her parents taking her away from Darling forever. Oh, and there's that time she ate Mia's fail food with the whole masochistic smile. Yep. Relatable. Hilariously so.


Goddamn. This fucking fish with tits is too funny.

The ogre and monoeye from Smith's team are hot.

It's amusing how like pretty much every girl Darling has come across has accidentally injured/maimed/hurt him, but Rachne, one you would think is prone to violence due to sheer physicality, has not.

I love Zombina's design too but I can't forget the moment in the manga when her breast fell off. I also dig the so-called tentacle witch of the recent chapter. I like but I can't help but think of a mean-spirted plant version of Suu.


It's amusing how like pretty much every girl Darling has come across has accidentally injured/maimed/hurt him, but Rachne, one you would think is prone to violence due to sheer physicality, has not.

It's the little actions that count. I wonder why there hasn't been any crossover with the anime yet or has the monster girl fetish been met with Anthro.

Kaneki, I can't believe you said that, considering tens to hundreds of canon characters (from your own manga) that would drop what they were doing to get a piece of your now-white haired ass. Of course, they might just eat it but the point still stands.

But outside of that, why do you not like the genre? Your best girls always lose?

Well, I see the genre differently when you pick a main girl and root (but she'll always lose) for her to win. Most harems are comedies so I never take them seriously and once the show concludes (and my best girl loses) to fanfiction I go. Thus writing a romantic and more emotionally fulfilling fic where said best girl was the right choice and how their relationship was 'real'.

And I know how it is sexist when all these dynamic and far more interesting girls are into the generic male lead but I find that you're suppose to focus on the girls. Not project yourself on the guy. Fuck the guy. If you do, you'll find much lacking. (The exception is Darling from Everyday Life With Monster Girls, because he's the sort of male lead that knows how to roll with the punches.)

I could write a blog on this...

Give me a day to get my thoughts together.

Pfft, Snake Girl is best monster.

3467841 The next chapter is out, in case you didn't know.


Ahem. Yes, quite.

Anyway, I had an idea to structure something like this between vanilla and the EqG verse, that I thought would be fun. Dunno if I'll ever get to it. Just... without the fanservice-y part, because frankly I dislike that.

While I haven't seen much of this harem-romance series, I do like the monster girls in Rosario+Vampire, at least the manga version.

(To clarify, the anime adaptation mostly just goes with the more comedic aspects and adds/expands some plots to become a romantic comedy and completely skips over the second serious ark. While the manga is still pretty comedic, it does have an overall more serious feel, especially in part II.)

Hmmm, a spider girl waifu. Hmmmm.....I like it. I only worry about the....intimacy. I kinda like my head staying on my shoulders :P

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