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Food Additives In Food Industry · 8:34am Oct 13th, 2015

Types of food additives increase year by year with the progress of science, food additives function categories are acidity regulation agent, anti-knot agent, antifoaming agents, anti-oxidant, bleach, bulking agents, based agent material in the rubber base candy, coloring agent, colour fixatives, emulsion agent, enzyme preparations, increased taste agent, flour treatment agents, coating agent, humectants, nutrition enhancer, preservatives, stabilizer and coagulators, sweeteners, thickeners, food flavours & aromas, etc.

The habit of read product labels carefully need to be developed. Food labels on food packaging are text, graphics, symbols and all about that. They present as description of food quality, security attributes. They guide consumers to buy the right food and play a promotional role. Food is essential to maintain life, the supply of calories and nutrients can meet human needs. When people go to the supermarket, variety of processed foods filled with shelves. And in the list of ingredients of the food people will find that most of them contain food additives. All areas of food processing can not be without food additives in everyday life, such as grain and oil processing, spices processing, snack foods, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping and so on. Despite its content in food is less than 2%, but it plays an extremely important role in improving the food color, aroma, taste and food processing conditions, as well as extending the shelf life and adjust nutrition structure.

If there is no preservative in food, many harmful micro-organisms will quickly multiply, and the harmful microbial contamination will lead to food safety incidents. Food additives are common in our life. But mention of food preservatives, many consumers are wary. In fact, there are many kinds of food preservatives. The correct use of food additives are nonpoisonous to human body. Its function is to change the flavor and sensual of foods. Ideal food additives should be benefit. During the large volume processing, food additives also help ensure uniformity of product quality. There have strict rules about the use and the types of food additives. For example, lemon yellow is allowed to add to drink, but it is beyond using range when it is added to steamed buns, and that is not allowed. As a result, consumers should treat to food additives in a rational attitude.

However, some businesses or individuals use excessive additives or industrial additives to get the maximize benefits. This may mislead some people think the food additives has become the greatest threat to food safety. But industry additives or illegal additives are not food additives. For more information, please visit: https://www.okfoodadd.com/.

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