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    New Chapter of SlugLife

    Just like the title says. Chapter 2 of Slug Life now available. Only took me forever.

    Now with Cover Art!

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  • 23 weeks
    Ah, you're finally awake (Skyrim Blundering)

    I woke up in the morgue today. I don't think I was dead. I mean, I could have been. Necromancy has made great strides these past years, but all my bits are still in place (ladies), so I'm fairly certain I wasn't dead. Once the mortician stopped screaming, me and her had a nice chat. Apparently, her father (who's dead) had this knife and she wanted to take it to this other guy in Windhelm (she

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    Commission Info

    You want it, I'll write it.

    Prices are currently $10 per 1k words. Contact me here or on Discord TheWraithWriter#8646

    All fetishes welcome, save for those listed below.

    Currently won't do:

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    Proof of Life + New story

    I am indeed not dead. In case that was any kind of concern. As a Proof of Life, here is the top rated image from Derpibooru today.

    Also, I wrote a thing.

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    Wraithy is still blundering through Skyrim

    I met a talking dog today. (At this point I feel the need to clarify that I met an actual dog that could talk using his mind. This was not some weirdo in a dog costume.) The dog told me he had a falling out with his master and needed my help to get back together with him. (At this point I feel the need to clarify that the dog is the physical manifestation of a lesser-god's conscious. This was not

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Just a Quick Question Today · 6:21pm Oct 12th, 2015

So, hypothetically, if a character was to possess a long tali in place of legs, would you be annoyed by being told the tail was coiling up whenever the character was 'standing' still for any period of time? Or would you just infer after being told a few times?

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Comments ( 3 )

I would infer it after a few times

I'd infer it. Mostly due to the image of tigger I'm getting right now

if coiling their tail is the only way they can remain upright when not moving or holding onto something then i would infer it otherwise just say what the they do with their tail

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