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Thunder Song

I'm Rainbow Bubbles! (how do you change your name?!) and.... derp

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  • 133 weeks
    Rainbow Bubbles! (Long time no see ;-;)

    Wow, I almost forgot about FimFic ;-; I'm sorry. I joined Wattpad though. I'm AmuTheEmu on there, go follow moi!

    Believe it or not, she isn't Rainbow Dash's long lost sister. I just think she fits my personality with the rainbow hair.

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  • 212 weeks
    I am back. Yay!

    Hi! I'm back after like 14 weeks. Seemed like a year...

    Anyway, I am now working on Goodbye, Fluttershy. Hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

    - Thunder :twilightsmile:

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  • 249 weeks

    New story: Rotting Apples
    Short, sad, and then happy. It drags on a bit, I think personally.

    In progress: Equine Adventures: Pegacrush!
    New series of comedy diary entries. Yay!

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  • 252 weeks
    My Little Brony and Goodbye, Fluttershy

    So I think that MLB could be way better. For this reason, I am not publishing it. I may publish it later, but not now in it's current state. I am currently working on Goodbye, Fluttershy. Here is a teaser:

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  • 253 weeks
    My Little Brony DONE!

    The title says it all :pinkiehappy:

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New Story: My Little Brony · 5:22pm Oct 12th, 2015

'"My Little Brony, skinny and bony!"'

Golden Glimmer, a mega Brony fan, has a hoofball-mad brother, Gold Medallion. He thinks MLB is babyish, but will his hero change his mind, and help him to become a hero, too?


Note: Can you use quote marks AND speech marks together? :twilightoops:

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