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Marewaii Lore, and the next chapter news. · 8:18am Oct 12th, 2015

Fist off, the next chapter for Dance of the Orthrus should be out soon. My editor has been real busy, and only now is free to work on hobbys and other fun stuff. In that time, I have written chapter 9's rough draft, and I'm now working on getting some of the lore down. Also, I'm doing some art as well. It's simple ideas of the weapons they use, but it works for visualization.

Say hello to the Zeus, the railgun Rototom uses. Could you kill a real dragon with it, it's possible, that is if you can get it in the eye. Can it kill nearly anything else, yes it sure can.

DotO Lore (part 1)

- The Marewaii Islands.

Up until the war, the Island chain known as the Marewaii Islands, named after the big island, was a famous resort known around the world. A territory of Equestria, the island chain was boasted for its natural beauty, and friendly population. A paradise in the middle of a vast ocean.

When the war flared up, the Marewaii islands was the closets equestrian territory to the zebra lands, and became the main base for navy operation. Tourism dropped bit by bit every year as the war dragged on, and more and more the Marewaii Islands turned to the war effort to make back the bit’s lost. Near the end of the war, over half of the bits made by the pony population of the islands was made in support of the navy and the war. Though the island still got tourism, it was mainly that of ponies of the military, mostly Navy.

As the war dragged on, paranoia also griped the population. Fearing the end would come, the islands populations called out to any pony that could help. Solaris Inc. and stable-tec answered the call. Solaris was fist to get their hooves into the islands, as they were willing to get real close with the military. Their answer to the potential problem was to build a sturdy metro system, fist for the military, but later for the civilians. Many ponies of the Marewaii Islands sighing onto Solaris work teams, and helped build the tunnels for the new metro system. Stable-Tec not long after joined in, and began expanding onto the metro system that Solaris started. This soon became a bitter rivalry between the two companies, and by the time the war came to its tragic end, the Marewaii underground became a labyrinth of tunnels.

When the war came to its end, the islands were drenched with magical radiation, the big island getting the worst of it, and the other islands receiving the fallout. The radiation came not from just bailfire bombs, but of also megaspell warheads not launched by equestrian, with the islands being his so soon after the first bomb went off, some of the warheads never made it out of the airspace, tumbling back down to the islands. This mix of zebra, and equestrian megaspell radiation turned the air itself toxic, and any pony who attempted to survive on the surface soon died a painful sickly death.

The metro system became the new home for the ponies of Marewaii, with it being vast, and the underground work stations having the room for a small populations, they quickly began to rebuild the civilization that they lost. Their new underground home proved to be a safe place from the radiation, but the overcrowded population soon found themselves at each others throats for what little recourse’s they had left. Many horrors followed as the population quickly dropped, and many horrors more came to be as the population stabilized. Eventually things settled down, and each island found their own way to maintain order.

I plan on doing more later. One for each island.

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