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Season 5 Ep 18 · 12:35am Oct 11th, 2015

I just saw the new episode! Click below for spoilers...or if you wanna just join the conversation, whether or not you've seen it.

:pinkiegasp: OMGOMGOMG I have so many emotions.... That was GREAT! Although I feel like it was rushed and...well...very rushed....it was just too rushed. But I loved it! It was nice knowing Diamond had a mom, and why she always acted the way she did. I was surprised how the writer(s) handled this! It was smooth, unpredictable at most times, and rushed. Overall...It might take me a few episodes to get used to their marks... But I really enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

~Spooknilla Mocha,
Coffee Mare

Comments ( 7 )

It was just the cutest episode they've ever made... and so many songs! I was begining to wonder where all the songs were. And Pip's cockney wasn't too bad, either.

I thought it was great overall! I actually missed the beginning and need to re-watch it, but I really like how they earned their marks. The whole CMC/Tiara/Spoon dynamic is changed forever! :pinkiegasp:

3459591 Remember: emotions are just God's special way of telling us to drink more mochas.

3459606 Yes!!!

3459605 It totally is!!!

Interestingly enough, the crusaders have (or I guess the correct term now is "had") a talent for finding out what their special talent is not. :twistnerd:

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