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Warning: Full of spoilers · 5:45pm Oct 10th, 2015

Easily my favorite of this whole 5th Season.

I mean, I thought it was going to be a completely different type when Diamond Tiara SPOILER and then she SPOILER but the SPOILER of the SPOILER and then we find out that she's SPOILER and it's actually her SPOILER that makes her act like SPOILER. And here I was so sure she was dead too. Damn.

Anyway, but then SPOILER and Pip SPOILER. It's easy to forget how much they've SPOILER and SPOILER for all the SPOILER, but it was about time that SPOILER happened and it's so SPOILER and completely SPOILER than I ever expected!

Again. Favorite fucking episode.

Definitely worth the wait through the hiatus.

Report Wanderer D · 1,268 views · #SPOILER
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Comments ( 26 )

Blog title: full of truth.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, you definitely weren't lying.

Season five really is firing on all cylinders.

Gotta wonder what TSC Sweetie would do if she met the new CMC Prime? It'd certainly be an interesting and character driven experience, that's for sure.

... You son of a....

HIDDEN MESSAGE!! Wow! What a big overhanging hairdo Pipsqueak sports... Kinda remind you of someone?

AndDiamond Tiara, she reminds me of that lady who can get into trouble & is on fazed by it? And throwing under the bus her favorite assistant? :trixieshiftright:

This episode made me feel feelings.

Best use of spoiler tags ever. I want to play MadLibs. Can we play MadLibs?

I mean, I thought it was going to be a completely different type when Diamond Tiara CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD and then she DID NOTHING but the MOTIONS of the SOCIAL SCENE and then we find out that she's BATMAN and it's actually her DEAD PARENTS that makes her act like THE SHADOW. And here I was so sure she was dead too. Damn.
Anyway, but then BLACKJACK and Pip ARRIVED FROM THE FUTURE. It's easy to forget how much they've SACRIFICED and DESTROYED for all the WASTELANDERS, but it was about time that A CANON CROSSOVER happened and it's so VIOLENT and completely GRITTIER than I ever expected!

You think you're funny but you're not.

Wanderer D

3458523 Sounds just about right.

3458569 Nope. I'm not thinking it.

An awesome episode overall. Holy crap there went the status quo... in a good way, too. :)

Wanderer D

3458646 I think it's also an underhanded way to make the inescapable return of second-worst villain, Starlight Glimmer, more impacting to all characters.

3458659 Good observation, there. *Nods slowly*

Oh God you're so right.

It's just a shame that Diamond's mother isn't really locked up in an insane asylum.

Wanderer D

3459130 There are people like that.

I was just making a joke about one the dead head canons.

Wanderer D

3459159 No, I agree.

I died inside when I made that realization. :fluttershyouch:

You forgot to mention the biggest twist about spoiler.

3458251 I'm going to chuck it up that he got older. All the fillies look older, almost as big as Cheerilee.

3458659 Second worst? Then, who's the worst?

Sombra: *glowers behind me*

........Sombra was a villain? :pinkiegasp: I thought he was a doorstop.

Why's everyone so ooh and aah about this episode? I just don't get it.
I mean, I hate musicals in general, but this one is just not good.
It's a lot more saccharine than usual. I mean, to the point where I had to look away to avoid throwing up.
It's also 100% predictable.
And the "Hey kids! Democracy is real and it really works, honest!" thing. Fuck this in particular.

3469205 So, you predicted:
Silver Spoon chewing out DT after being docile to her throughout the entire series up to this point.
DT's behavior being because of her mother.
The CMC feeling bad for her.
DT chewing out her mother.
The CMC getting their cutie marks.
And the Cutie Marks being similar to each other.

I must say, I'm impressed.
I mean, I hoped DT would get development, and I was hoping the CMC would get their cutie marks. But I didn't expect to end up loving DT as much as I did, nor the CMC to actually get their cutie marks.

Plus, every song served some kind of purpose, either for story development or for character development

And the "Hey kids! Democracy is real and it really works, honest!" thing

Were you paying attention?
Pip getting voted Student Pony President did not help fix the playground, since the schoolboard denied it, supposedly because of budget reasons (I say "Supposedly" because Spoiled Rich is the head of it, and given the kind of pony she is, I wouldn't put it past her to get some kind of petty revenge with her limited power).
The only reason they managed to get the playground fixed was because DT managed to "convince" her mother to give her father a note to pay for it.

Plus, the episode gave me a character I could feel good about hating (Spoiled Rich) as opposed to a character I grew to hate, but didn't want to hate (DT herself)

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