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What a way to kick off the 5th anniversary of MLP: FiM!! · 4:34pm Oct 10th, 2015

So, the new episode aired today. And I'm 99% sure you FREAKED OUT!! :pinkiehappy:

Pipsqueak made the appearance we were shown before in previews. Nice!

Silver Spoon is tired of DT's bullshit. Well, it had to happen eventually . . .

Diamond Tiara gets a redemption episode?! And an emotionally-scarring backstory involving a perfectionist mother?! NO!! One of the most hated characters in the franchise gets a pity party! They pulled a Gilda on us!! :pinkiegasp:

I find it highly unlikely that the CMC would be so welcoming, so quickly, of DT after she put them through so much hell. But, I suppose "Friendship is Magic, no matter how bad you messed up", as per freakin' usual (I'm looking at you, Discord!) :ajbemused:

"If Mom and Dad were here, they'd be so proud of you." -- Applejack
^^ PROOF ^^

And now, the good part.

They finally did it. After four and a half seasons, the Cutie Mark Crusaders FINALLY have their cutie marks! :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::yay: I never really had any doubt. I mean, they couldn't keep going on with this same boring repetitive character arc forever, could they? What surprised me most was that, not only did they wrap up this story for the girls, but they also gave them an entirely new story arc! They're following in their elders' footsteps and becoming helpers for good causes in Equestria. Except instead of mediating friendship problems, they're helping others achieve what they once wanted--obtaining cutie marks.

Once again, I commend the extraordinary writing talents of DHX, specifically Amy Keating Rogers. One story is done, but a new story is just beginning. A perfect way to celebrate the franchise that brought us all together.

Happy Five Years, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Here's to another five years, and beyond, of animation excellence! :twilightsmile:

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All i say good going Silver Spoon. i never she was nice on the inside

Definitely a beautiful episode. It returned to me those feelings that initially got me into the show: a sense of wonder and happiness that was unmatched by any other media! Truly, this was a great episode to appreciate the fifth anniversary of Friendship is Magic! :pinkiehappy:

After season 3 (and I plan to do this after season 5), I had this story in my head, and one of the parts in the story was finding the reason that the CMC, including Babs, couldn't get their cuite marks. With the Mane 6, plus a new character who plays a role in the story, becoming masters of their element, they are allowed to take in a pony with no mark. This will earn them what I call a cutie emblem, a sign of master and apprentice. What they just earned is similar to the emblem, with the shield and the mark of their master.

As for Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, I had them planned to lose theirs on to be replaced with an emblem of their own. I guess I can throw those ideas out for my story. But seeing Diamond's mother and what just happened just sparked an idea for a chapter in my Surviving Canterlot High story.

So now DIamond Tiara and Pacifica Northwest are in the same boat? Make with the fanart, folks!

Its the end of an era.

I think we can sum up our collective reaction upon seeing them all get their CM's at the same exact time and they're pretty much the same exact mark.

Still a good episode, seeing as Diamond's mother was never shown, I figured she was the reason for why DT was such a beach most of the time as a result of A) being emotionally scarred by her passing at a young age and covering it up by acting that way or B) was a result of said mother being overbearing to her offscreen. Kudos to the show nonetheless. 5 years strong and here's to 5 more years of going strong.

You notice how many points there are in DT's cutie mark? What about how many stars there are in Twi's mark?

I loved that diamond tiara and silver spoon got some actual character but the cutie marks ruined the episode for me because it was just a cheap "now it's done" sort of thing.

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