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Status of #8 · 5:15pm Oct 9th, 2015

I'm currently enjoying myself immensely slash performing research by reading Side Jobs.

Just finished Backup. (:pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesad2: :pinkiesick:) But I'll have a more detailed write-up later, like I did for Skin Games a bit back.

(Tagged spoilers inside that link for those of you not caught up with Skin Games but insisting on reading Dark Horse anyway.)

As for Dark Horse itself, not much done on #8 V2 itself (5021 words, 649 more than last week to save you the math), but my main focus has again been hammering out that new rough version of the last arc. (26973 words, 5349 words more, all on a whooping 111 pages.)

So not bad progress for an otherwise rather hectic week. :raritywink:

Let me tell you, you don't miss water just rushing out of your tap before the pump is on the fritz. :raritydespair:

Still, nothing borrowing the shower at Grandma's and filling up a bunch of bottles won't mitigate, but something of a time-sapping annoyance I must admit.

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Dude, post stuff about Dark Horse when update happens. Its disappointing to see tons of blogposts about thing that isnt happening for months.

Yeah, go put more neat science stuff on SA instead, you bum. :derpytongue2:

Well personally I like to hear from you about your story progress every week or so, but if it is bothering some of your other regulars, you can always put it in the comments of Dark Horse for those who want to check it, and save blogs for substantial progress updates.

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