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Half a million words · 4:50pm Oct 9th, 2015

So, I noticed recently that I've got 522,787 words published on Fimfic. That means I've recently passed the half-million mark, woo!

Which means I'm more than halfway done with my million words of practice before I can start writing good stuff. ^.^

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Damn. That is awesome. And what do you mean good stuff? You stuff is already great. :moustache: Though, on that note, I also believe that people are always improving, and there is no set boundary of 'good', 'bad', and 'ugly' in terms of total word count. Good luck, and congratulations on reaching the milestone, though, and remember, you're awesome, so stay awesome! :pinkiehappy: And when you reach a millions words.... Well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do since you can't internet glomp, but it will be epic! :trollestia::pinkiecrazy::heart:


And what do you mean good stuff?

The old saying of dubious origin: "Every writer has a million bad words in him, and once those million bad words are gone, he can write something worth reading."

I've also heard it said as: "The first million words are just for practice, remember that. When you finish your first practice book, you can practice sending it to publishers. If it sells, you can practice collecting the money. If it wins a literary award, you can practice accepting the award. But through it all, the first million words are just for your practice -- you're not allowed to be disappointed in yourself until you've written at least a million words."

I really, REEEEEALLY, don´t want to be an asshole, but (there is always a "but") there is this little story I follow here, in fimfiction.

It just reached 2 Million words.

And, as far as the author knows, it isn´t even in its half. The Chase, from kduzuhaiku.

But, well, congratulations !!! Good job !!! Here, have a cookie ! Please don´t hate me !!

Oh, I'm well aware.
And it's increasing quickly. Diaries of a Madman used to be the longest, now that one has surpassed it by 500k or more. :rainbowderp:
I've actually read bits of it, though, and I can see that the quality suffers in order to get that much quantity. The prose is often stilted and artificial, and major typos go unnoticed/uncorrected. By far not the worst I've ever seen (and probably better than some of my stuff), but not exactly high quality. (So I can maintain the fantasy that my slower pace allows me to keep a higher standard of quality.)

I couldn't imagine devoting four times as much time as I've put into my entire writing career into a single story. :twilightoops:
I'll just have to content myself that my barely-over-1k-words story has twice as many views as that 2m word story. :rainbowwild:
Then again, if we're going to make this a story popularity contest, Pen Stroke can come claim his prize.
No matter what I do, someone will always be better than me at it. And that's okay.

(And, of course, there will always be someone more prolific than you. Asimov published over 500 books in his lifetime. That's published, not counting any writing he did that didn't get published or was published posthumously. Your average author will spend 6 months to 1 year or more on a single book... If I live to be 500 years old, I'll probably still not catch up to him!)


...that makes sense. Awesome sense. Words to live by, my friend. Words to live by.

I just released ch5 of my story yesterday which put me at (rounded up) 25k. What % is that? :moustache:

3455062 Do you have a link? Because I can't seem to find it through a search or on the writers page.

(checks own stats)
Total Words: 1,077,167

Heck, I'm supposed to be getting better after that first million words. Maybe if I wrote something about Fluttershy the Changeling thinking she's a peach. No, Admiral Biscuit did that already.

FYI: As I recall, Asimov published a book in *every* Dewey Decimal catagory. That's a frightening quality multiplied by a frightening quantity.

3455160 http://www.fimfiction.net/story/185272/the-chase

It´s tagged as mature, so, filters off.

I´d like to thank the author for being so nice. My comment was made just as a joke and I really love your stories.

I wonder how long it will take me at this rate...

Well, let's find out, with the power of math.
I'm not sure what you're talking about as a percentage of, so I'll try both options:
25k is 4.8% of 522,787
25k is 2.5% of 1,000,000
:twilightsmile: Math. It's that thing with all the numbers.

Aha! Now I can berate you for not being good enough!
And yes, Asimov's productivity is frightening and awe-inspiring.

3455371 :twistnerd: And if we want to get more into it, you've written more than 522k, some of them just got cut from the final version. :twilightsmile:

Which means I'm more than halfway done with my million words of practice before I can start writing good stuff. ^.^

Are you kidding me?! You already write good stuff! "One In A Million" is one of the best stories I ever read!
Congratulations to reaching that word count anyway!
And huh, now I suddenly realize that I have cracked more than 1/5 of this word count over the course of one month last year in the NaPoWriMo. :rainbowderp:
By the way, with that goal of 1,000,000 words you have, does this mean the title of "One In A Million" has something to do with it or is this just coincidence?

Oh yes, and some of them are not horsewords, and some of them are horsewords that aren't published yet.
So tack on an extra 30-40k to that... though I haven't counted the unpublished ones.

Well, I've come to understand that One in a Million is deeply flawed in several ways. (Which is good, it means I've improved since I wrote it.)
And NaPoWriMo is craziness, utter lunacy. I put in 16 hours a week and get maybe 5000 words a week done.
And yeah... that's total coincidence. :rainbowwild:


I can't say anything about this, cause this story is waaaaay above my level. Though, I hope that Journeys and Destinations: A Friendship of Eternity, that I will finally continue soon after I have now spent more than two days with revising the first chapter, will get me a good step closer to the quality of it.
And the NaPoWriMo is lunacy indeed. Still can't believe that I wrote more than 100,000 words in just one month. Shows what I can achieve if I really want to and what months of writing absence due to things that keep you from writing despite that you want to can do to you.
If I would write every month as much as in this one I would conquer your current word count soon. :rainbowwild:

3455419 I personally believe that someone can write good stuff before the magic million. I just browsed and saw Pinkie Pie is your Pinkie. :pinkiecrazy::twistnerd:

And that is quality? :facehoof:


I have now spent more than two days with revising

You know it took about three months to revise One in a Million. ^.^
Went through 27 versions, if I remember.

3455528 Whose to dictate? It's all subjective. :twilightsmile:

A lot of what you write is pretty good so you're ahead of schedule. Stop it! You have to do things properly!


As in finding the optimal plot ideas for it, I assume?
I was mostly improving the grammar of mine, plus some additional tweaks in dialogues and the narration and the fixing of a smaller plothole.
For a story that has the magnitude of "One In A Million", though, I'm not surprised that so many revisions went into it to make it really good.
Would be interested to read the older scrapped versions too, by the way. :pinkiehappy:

*looks it up*
Oh wait, 37 revisions, not 27.
Here's revision 2 for you, the earliest one that's typed, rather than written on paper:

I'll try to write crappier.


Woohoo, thanks! Always interesting to get behind the scenes stuff like that!
There are lots of files, though. Which one is the revision you mentioned?

Huh... it shared the whole folder?
Well, the one you want is probably One_in_a_Million_d2_r2.doc


Thanks! Going to read this back to back with "One In A Million" when I have time to see what's different! :scootangel:

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