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    Been a while since I posted a blog post, so here's my latest sketch of a character I came up with that I named "Amelia Wealthinux". She's young, peppy, playful, bubbly, and LOVES shiny things - especially gold!

    Any comments? :unsuresweetie:

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    It's a Lego sculpture I made of an 8-bit Spiny from Super Mario Bros.!

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    So I just saw the movie BlacKkKlansman and it was pretty good. I found the movie to be very entertaining and can definitely recommend it to those looking for something fun to watch.

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Putting it Off · 1:11am Oct 9th, 2015

Putting it off
By: Brickbrock24

I had a whole month to finish my work,
Yet I put it off, I didn't even start!
This is gonna hurt my life like a dirk,
Stabbing through my skin and into my heart.

I'm such a fool, not starting my project.
If I don't do it, my boss will fire me,
No matter how much I plead and object!
I'm in a tight spot and I cannot flee!

My memory, at times, can be hazy.
I distract myself, I forget what's due!
No wonder people have called me lazy.
It's all my fault, I deserve to feel blue!

I'll never get this project done on time!
I'll lose my job and I won't earn a dime!

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