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New Dawn

This has been dead for a long time. I return now and again for various reasons, but I've moved on from here.

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  • 50 weeks
    A conclusion

    I'm here for only one thing: an ending. A conclusion to my internal struggle with my old writing. But also a message to young writers getting their start here.

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  • 238 weeks
    Important blog concerning this account

    So, I know I just jumped on after a long while and, well... Let's get straight to the point: I'm taking a long "break" from writing, if that wasn't clear by me going missing for a hundred years. School has grabbed my attention and has forced me to actually pay attention to everything, Laziness has also given me a.... well, that expression wouldn't work, but you get the point. I will be back,

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  • 251 weeks
    I should be studying for a test, shouldn't I?


    That aside, I'm gonna be updating a story this weekend! As my apology for being away for so long!

    Vote for a title of one that I've written and I'll count them all up on this upcoming Saturday.

    I probably should go study for this damned biomedic test, huh...

    ~New Dawn~

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  • 252 weeks
    So I want to know...

    What's been going on around this site while I've been gone.

    Thats all.

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  • 254 weeks
    Guess who's back??!!!


    Buuuuuttt.... Judging by the times on these PMs.... I should have been back once school has started...

    Problem is... I'm not ready to start writing again. I'm just not ready...

    To be honest I'm scared to go back to writing.

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So I want to know... · 1:07am Oct 8th, 2015

What's been going on around this site while I've been gone.

Thats all.

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Comments ( 5 )

I posted a new story, I'm 2 from 200... That's all I know of

Been working on crossovers and writing chapters for my new story called The Blood Countess.

Working on new chapters and I was considering on having Lance meet Chibi and Ammy while watching the kids.

I made pretty long headway with Build fighters equestria girls and wrote up new dawn scenes was hoping you could proofread them and see if there in character for her :pinkiehappy:

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