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I will now ramble about tags and trigger warnings for approximately 1000 words. · 11:57pm Oct 7th, 2015

First off, an apology to anyone who gets this message and thinks laughter and darkness has a new chapter. It doesn't. It does have one change though.

I removed the dark tag.

Why did I do such a thing?

Because it's not a dark story. In fact, it didn't start with a dark tag at all. I only put it there after some jagoff demanded I do it. Like an idiot, I complied without thinking. I didn't realize one important thing:

He wanted a trigger warning, not a tag.

Tags are not trigger warnings. They are tags. They give an overview of the tone of the story. You don't tag a dark story a comedy because Pinkie Pie does a funny thing at some point. You don't tag a slice of life story an adventure story if derpy goes on a quest at the beginning and the story doesn't follow her.

There are two reasons people demand trigger warnings.

1.They don't like feeling uncomfortable.
2. They feel it might help someone else not feel uncomfortable.

Both of these are stupid. Here's why.

Here's what trigger warning people do:

Here's what mature adults do:

You can either run away screaming and sit in the fetal position, or you can think about the story, the feelings it invokes, how it comes together, and revel in the fact that it made you feel.

And then theres:

That's right, I'm immediately invoking godwin's law. You see, despite what people think, the nazis did not set out to win the "biggest douche in the universe" award. They thought what they were doing was for the good of germany, nay, people everywhere. They set out to do what they thought was right for other people, and sought any end and mean to do so. As they say though, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

See, being offended on other people's behalf robs them of their freedom of choice. It also has the nasty side effect of making people who are simply limiting others THINK they are doing good, when in reality, they are simply doing what they like and patting themselves on the back for their own self-esteem.

Art, has to be able to offend, it has to have bite. If we tidy everything up, people know exactly what they're getting into and never have to confront an awful truth.

I have a pain of my own. I lost my fiance in a car accident. It messed me up some kind of good.

I did not demand people around me stop making jokes about car accidents.

I did not tell people not to mention her, or the incident.

In fact, watching movies that involved car accidents painted them in a new light. I felt more deeply, more strongly for the people on screen. When something wasn't handled accurately, I could point it out and shake my head.

Suddenly, movies and books became an entirely new experience, one I wouldn't have it traded for a safe night of movies or books that carefully tiptoed around me.

"what does it all mean?!"

If you're reading this, you probably aren't one of the people trigger warnings were meant for. They were triggered at the beginning of the article when they realized I was not in favor of trigger warnings and have probably already typed out a well thought-out response about how privileged I am.

If, however, I am wrong, and you do believe in trigger warnings, and are still reading this, I urge you to live your life. Don't skirt around stories because you think they might make you feel bad. Embrace them and let them make you feel alive. As someone who has been, as another person might call it, triggered, I can tell you that every instance made me stronger, made me confront a truth I didn't want to, and in the end, made me grow up. The funny thing is, the story that spawned this blog post is about learning to live. Not coddling yourself in your own bubble, in the darkness.

It's frightening to stand in the light, we may get burned, we may get hurt, but we are alive. Hiding in the dark is no way to live at all.

Comments ( 6 )

I do think people use tags too much for silly reasons. I agree just because you make a joke or two does not mean that the story is a comedy. As an example the LotR movies use many joes but I would not call them comedy.

Azu #2 · Oct 8th, 2015 · · ·


The same can be said for a number of things. Just because something dark happens in a story, it doesn't necessarily make the story itself dark. It may adjust the rating, but it doesn't have to the genre. :trixieshiftright:

Someone said that my story needed a dark tag after a particular event. However seeing as the other 90% is eitehr warm fluffy slice of life, or critical thanking; I simply laughed at him.



Like I said, these people aren't using tags in the correct way. They aren't using them ton convey the tone of the story, they're using them as trigger warnings.

And they're not.



I don't particularly care to warn readers about what may or may not happen within a story. Provided it isn't too extreme of course. Because like you said, sometimes that uncomfortable feeling can be a good thing and add to the overall experience of the story and how the author intents to portray things.

Because once you get past those uncomfortable moments, you the reader, are all the more aware of what the character went through or experienced; and keep it in mind as the story progresses within the normal tone that it had been, or changed to after such events.

Totally agree. You've earned yourself a follow.

Thank you.
I've never felt neutering art or the sting it's capable of delivering just to satisfy the minority.

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