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Where I was all weekend · 3:05pm Oct 5th, 2015

Mostly waiting on the hydro guys. Taking photos when you're in shock results in semi rubbish photos. So imgur can host them instead of devart.

The large maple in front of my house took offense at my power lines. At 4pm EDT it decided to make its move and take them out.

The dark part you can see is about a metre and a half long of rot, it's almost entirely hollow and since it's in the centre of the tree, the outside looks fine.

It also struck out at my neighbours car and their new fence.

So, since it was a windstorm, I didn't get power til about 9 Sunday morning.

How was everyone else's weekend?

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Comments ( 16 )

At least you remember your weekend.

Oof. Well, at least your power's back.

My offer to come to Canada with a chainsaw and a heart full of vengeance still stands. :twilightsmile:

3444705 I gladly accept, when should I expect you?:twilightsmile:

Yikes! :twilightoops:

Anyway, I hope everyone is okay. I'm glad things seem to be returning to normal, and I wish you all the best. :twilightsmile:

3444767 Well, it's tricky. I'll need to swim the Atlantic with a running chainsaw in my teeth, so with the currents, the winds, the American subs who mistake me for a Shkval torpedo... it's unpredictable. Just listen for the sound of a running chainsaw, and splintering wood.


Ah, looks like Bucky Beaver and his droogs were out for a bit of the old ultra-xylem...

You would think with how much the interior had rotted, that the tree would have shown some sign....

Crazy how nature do dat. :derpyderp1:

B___dy weather.

Yikes! Glad nobody was hurt.

Insurance is going to be iffy on that one there

Author Interviewer

I'm hoping my computer will stay powered on for longer than two hours. :B

3445461 Not at all, it's officially on city property and they do yearly tree inspections and failed to realize the rot in the tree.

I've always loved the autumn and how the maples begin to drop their leaves...

... and limbs...

... and trunks...


Insurance might go after them however then. If it was dead (technically) then its the fault of the owner of said tree, if it is decidedly alive, then its a act of nature

3445682 Isn't it lovely? Also, where's that fic for me to edit?

I'm glad you,re ok! I know it can be a real time being without power. We lost power here I Georgia a few winters ago and I didn't have power for a week. Gas logs are great, btw! Hope all is getting back to normal. Take care and be well!

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