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The most amazing things in life, are most often followed by the most horrendous things. Some are strong and some are weak to those trying times. I am starting to think I fall into the later group.

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  • 87 weeks
    Editing Stories again, and my Plans.

    This account has a history...
    I've spent so much time going by the name of this account, I've actually forgotten most of my life before FimFiction.

    I will be preserving this account, and posting a new story on it, that I will try to actively maintain.

    However, I will also be starting a new account called Cael. (Short for Caelum.)

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  • 106 weeks
    Cpt. Red Heart

    So, I'm publishing a new story soon. Hope you'll all like it.

    Not gonna go into a lot of detail right now.

    Just expect it soon.

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  • 115 weeks

    If you see me post a rant, or anything on here that could be considered sensitive material, PM me about it, don't post it in group chats asking me about it, and keep it to yourself. I trust you all, and I like to confide in you all and I would rather not have to keep these things bottled up.

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  • 122 weeks
    Writing! Feel free to join me!

    I am currently doing final touches to the newest chapter, along with increasing it from 600 words to 3000 words.
    Feel free to comment any changes that you think need to be made, or hold a casual conversation in the google chat!
    Link: Click Me!

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  • 136 weeks
    Alright. Explanations are due. Honest ones.

    Hello everyone! It would appear I've gathered a small crowd! I'm really happy that a lot of you have decided to follow me and see what I come up with. But with the new swarm of followers, I also have to get a gathering of ponies, asking where the new chapters are.

    So, I'm going to devide this into two sections.

    The TL;DR will be at the top,
    and the Full on Story, will be below.


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New Slot System · 10:45pm Oct 4th, 2015

I am now editing in a slot system.

This Means:
-I can only edit 3 stories at a time (excluding exceptions)
-I will be able to write and update my stories faster
-I will be able to edit more stories.
This Does NOT Mean:
-I won't edit your story.
-I won't continue accepting edits
-And definitely does not mean that I will stop being active.

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