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Omake 6: Heresy Everywhere, eh. · 8:25pm Oct 4th, 2015

This is a continuation of sorts of the previous Omake, eh. I love Retsu so much that I may make her a reoccurring antagonist for The Glorious Faggots, well, for the female members of the gang at least eh. The males will be safe from her wrath, probably, eh. In the next little while I'll like to have shorter omakes so I can pump these out faster, and have other members of The Glorious Faggots make a proper appearance, eh.

Once more it seemed she was going to have to give someone a lesson; Ava Crescentia, to be precise. The whore was giving her beloved; Gavriil, a far too wickedly suggestive look, and the lecherous way she bite her lower lip while looking at him was making Retsu very annoyed.

The final straw came when the filthy cunt had the nerve to give commands at her beloved, but it seemed the bitch wasn't done, however, for when her beloved left the gang brawl that has occurred in the hall the filthy cunt discreetly gave him a kiss on the cheek, and spoke to him in hushed words. She didn't know what she said, but the way her beloved blush, and scratched his cheek in his adorably awkward way made Retsu believe that the whore gave him a provocative, tasteless and rude ovation along with a suggestive invitation. Retsu's eyes narrowed as the whore gave her beloved a wink over her shoulder right after taking her sword back from her beloved, and walked back towards her classroom.

As her Beloved walked back to his own class full of barbarians, Retsu quickly made her way down to the door, intending to stay there until the end of the slut’s class so she could follow her more closely, and catch her off guard when no one was around. She refused to let a tainted heretic be so close to her beloved.

She couldn’t allow this heresy continue.

Either Retsu knows the truth of the situation, or is crazy, we don't know.

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No woman is safe. :x

...and this time it's not because of Red's womanizer skills...

3442792 She's not evil, eh. She's in love, eh~

Iron is totally not safe from this woman, eh... Red is super good at picking up chicks seeing how he is in fourth omake, eh.


> love

Everyone knows love is the cause of all evil in the world.

Ye. Red is like Hitch mixed with some serious Fabio Sauce.

> Iron = unsafe

Fuck... I'm a woman?!

3442806 Love is practically heresy, which means Retsu is a heretic without knowing it, eh.

Red still somehow gets all the girls, eh.

Hmmmm, a woman, eh? Si mi amigo, eh. Remember that the group is shipping you and Kelly together, eh?

3442825 I thought you guys were kidding... ;-;

Can I get a character profile of myself?! :D

3442836 It's basically you as Ian Gale, but female, eh~

3442842 GIMME! DX

I totally can't remember what my character was like. :P I only remember I gave him a hoodie.

Man, I`m getting all the girls :U

3442857 You just have to wait and see whenever I release an omake with you, or go search for your character bio, eh,


Either Retsu knows the truth of the situation, or is crazy, we don't know.

This is from Retsu's POV, so, you gotta be super cautious whenever she see girls around you, eh.

3442876 I'm not cruel, I'm fair and just, eh....

Atleast that's better than the other nickname, eh. :s

3442880 Which nickname? -3-

3442889 You know which one I'm talking about, eh. >:(

3442898 \○•○/ I have no idea what you're saying! \●○●/

3442904 I'm gonna kill you off in the first chapter of the metafic, eh.

3442864 Ignore reason. Acquire females :u

3442912 Fine, besides Red, you be growing a pussy crop, eh. :S

3442913 I'm doing it right now, eh. Alexer is gonna be running you over with his shitty van, eh.

3442921 Sola is bestest though :3

3442921 ;-; y u do dis Hiddle Diddle?!

3442936 Red is gonna end up with Sola, eh.

3442944 You're not even gonna be named in the story now, eh!

3442971 Cuz you called me Hiddle Diddle, eh.

3442979 But that's you. :3

3442992 FUCK YOU, EH!

3442951 Well then, I hate you now. Bye.

3443029 You gonna be at the wedding, eh! :3

3442999 Fuck me, eh?!

3443077 Si, by a group of drug addicts, eh.

3443080 Hmm...

How about no? :D


3443103 HAPPENING, EH?!

3443201 Almost done, eh.

3443204 Oh god... ;-;

3443274 Just a few more minutes, eh~


3443322 One more minute, eh. I'm done, just gotta do the tags and last minute editing, eh.

3443035 Well then, guess he doesn't get Ava

3443971 Cause you're setting him up with Sola.

3444028 Don't worry, I have a plan for everything, eh!

3444033 Sola's mine or I fucking gut you. :3

3444037 DON'T WORRY I HAVE A PLAN, EH! :raritydespair:

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