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AWNR chapter 18 · 6:29pm Oct 4th, 2015

Well guys, after a few days and reading the comments I realized that AWNR hasn't gone like I had hoped. That ending was way too dark than I previously intended and I never anticipated it to build up to this point. Currently I'm literally frustrated to the point of tears and I just want to give up on this story and count it as a massive failure, because from how it started to what it is now is a complete 180 of what I truly wanted. However there is a plan in motion in an attempt to rectify this, I will try to end this in a way that not only you, the readers are satisfied, but that I, the writer is satisfied as well. I'm going to be going over everything that you've said as well as the notes I and my editors have written to see if we can pull it off for you guys.

So the next chapter may take a while to pop up, but you can rest assured that myself and my ever cyclic team of editors will be working diligently in an attempt to make this story something that we can all enjoy in the end. Trust me, it's going to be a challenge for everyone involved, but you never get better at anything if you don't ever try to do something different.


Flanagan Out.

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Yeah... things got a little hectic over at Flanagan HQ for a bit. Some quick work has hammered out an outline leading up to the end of AWNR, so this ought to be interesting. As a (very) brief overview, the roller coaster still has much more speed to pick up going downhill, but we are building the track as it plummets and we will have it end at a reasonably high point without the threat of collapse from the structure.

What exactly about the responses has you in a tizzy? (Yay; tizzy! He used today's secret word! :derpytongue2:) If it's the lead up to and cliffhanger from the end of the latest chapter, you could probably do a lot a lot of damage control by delving into what's motivating Celestia. (I don't think we really know what that is yet.)

There are still quite a few questions I have about the bond and how it connects all three now, so that could be useful as well.

After all, this story's OTP is in trouble, so people are going to get antsy. That's drama for you. :raritywink:

I don't know what people thought the problem was. I kinda hope next chapter delves into what pushed Celestia over the edge.

Heck if it doesn't and all we have is Luna's reaction, I'm cool with that too! Honestly I thought everyone was just really upset with Celestia.

Just know however you choose to go with this I'm gonna keep reading it. I enjoy it too much to stop!

What do you mean dark? So Luna walked in on Aedan about to bone her sister. It's not like you wrote about Luna losing the baby because she was stabbed in the stomach or something. I think you need to reevaluate your definition of dark. Maybe read a few gore fics that have vore in them, or violent rape. Then you'll know what a dark ending is. As for fixing the situation, it's so easy. Sure Luna will be pissed, so maybe have her go Nightmare Moon for a bit then end it with her realizing that the soul bond is the reason for Celestia and Aedans betrayal. Couldn't control their actions or something. Seriously though you're making this out to be worse than it is. This is a good story with a good plot, excellent writing, good grammar, and good character development.

I have a question, does any of you hadn't thought about Jojo bizarre adventures after seeing the pic?

The fic is undoubtedly dark at times, but it isn't too bad even if I can't really call it an overall comedy at this point. As long as it ends on a high note with NO implications that could derail an otherwise happy ending, everything is clear.

Although I really hope it doesn't end with Aedan going permentantly Pony to satisfy a xenophobic nobility, because in eyes he would not longer be even half the man he's built up to be. Oh well, your fic. :P

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