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  • 182 weeks
    I have found the greatest and purest meme of all time

    [1:16:48 AM] Waterpear: http://i.imgur.com/FeWSiKX.jpg I don't think this one can really be topped
    [1:17:23 AM] Majin Syeekoh, Knight of Cydonia oblonga: i don't even know what's going on there
    [1:17:26 AM] Waterpear: it's like
    [1:17:29 AM] Waterpear: someone took some memes
    [1:17:36 AM] Waterpear: macerated them to extract the dankness

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  • 215 weeks
    Oh god 90s throwback marketing

    crystal pepsi parody of the oregon trail to promote the crystal pepsi rerelease


    stop nostalgia tripping for decades I lived in

    eventually they'll have throwbacks to things I actually remember and I'll feel old

    don't make me feel old

    please stop

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  • 229 weeks
    Review It Later

    Like many users on this site, I have far too many fics in my Read It Later bookshelf. Unlike most of those users, I have a plan to get through it.

    I'll write reviews of the stories I read.

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  • 250 weeks
    Required reading for internet arguments

    I'm talking about this post.

    tl;dr: Name-dropping logical fallacies isn't enough to make a good refutation. You have to explain why something is bad reasoning.

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  • 254 weeks
    Quick reference for the icon tag

    Fimfiction has another undocumented bbcode tag: [icon]. It gives you access to the various vector icons that Fimfiction uses for various purposes.

    What you do is this:

    This is a camera: [[b][/b]icon]camera[[b][/b]/icon]

    And it gives you something like this:

    This is a camera:

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illuminati makes dead fruits walk again · 5:21am Oct 4th, 2015

As you may have noticed, my story output has been effectively nil. So, along with jumping on the spoopy avatar and creppy username bandwagon, I think it's time I change my inactivity.

1) I've written an entry for this month's Write-off. When it gets revealed (or wins), I see no reason not to extend it for posting on Fimfiction.

2) I think it's time for another chapter of Score. I've noticed a huge number of problems with the narrative I've had planned, which has made me reluctant to work on it. But I think that a mediocre story is better than none at all, and that forging ahead will provide the best experience for me and my readers. (I've tagged Score in this blog for that reason.)

3) It feels like there should be three things here, so why not! A long time ago, back when the first Most Dangerous Game contest was announced, I considered participating with an HiE where the protagonist is a complete neckbeard who begins to redeem himself of his neckbeardery. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of writing it in blank verse. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it doomed the story. I turned a few cool lines of poetry and never got far in the plot. Perhaps I'll retool it. It'd likely fit in a longer one-shot, or, barring that, a novelette-length story.

I hope to accomplish these all within the month. Ambitious? Yes. But the Write-off entry came easily, so I feel that I've reclaimed my verve and accumulated some discipline in my long hiatus. And I'm not alone. Rainedash is coming back from her inactivity this month, and Manaphy continues to shame me with his indefatigable work ethic. It's only fitting that I join this bandwagon too.

~ Waterpear

Report Waterpear · 278 views · Story: Score · #spooky #score #write-off #hie
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