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Omake 5: Distant Yearning, eh. · 6:42am Oct 3rd, 2015

So, this idea wasn't exactly a thing until after the five complete chapters of the HaS Novella Metafic- School Days were destroyed, and Kill la Kill along with Yandere Simulator really was an inspiration for this, eh. Now, this omake along with the fourth is 100 percent canon, and the other omakes are canon in varying degrees, eh.

I wasn't alone in the creation of this, but a friend of mine wrote the first draft of this, and I finished it off, eh.

For years Retsu Sakurasō had only been committed towards one person; Dio - Prince of The Crystal Prep Academy, but that all changed when he arranged a mission for her located at the Hassian Superior Vocational Institute, the job was for someone named Satsuki Kiryūin, who is a well known powerful young woman respectively called The Lady Commandant, and she is the president of Canterlot High's Student Council, and rules over their school syndicates and nearby street gangs. It's only recently that she has gained absolute authority over the academy with her employing the use of her loyal gangers, and is regarded with reverence by many of its students.

But Retsu didn't care as Lady Satsuki didn't affect her life with her attending Crystal Prep, which is many blocks away from Canterlot High, but she had bills to pay, and groceries to buy so she took the job without hesitation.

Her infiltration went according to plan, she avoided the Institute's security, got the intel of the various powers within the large campus and ignored a minor gang who has a ridiculous name, and quickly made her exit. Nobody knew she was there. The entire trip wasn't really that boring as she stole many valuables from student lockers, so all in all, Retsu was pretty satisfied with her making a profit today.

She was about to leave the grounds, but as she neared the gates, that's when she saw him, and she felt her heart skip a beat. Strong, lean build, wide shoulders, scraggly blonde hair, dazzling smile, and those eyes... those deep, ashen eyes... when she looked into those bottomless smokey pools she almost felt weak in her knees.

She had never had such a reaction towards anyone before, but she loved how it felt and she wanted more

Retsu stalked followed the boy for hours after that.

The guy was really tall, easily topping six feet in height and then some, and he looked almost intimidating with his grey army jacket of his. It looks as though he’s dressed as a Confederate Soldier, but somehow the uniform looks more modern and is without any fancy buttons, insignias, but to match his grey jacket he dons a medium blue trouser, which is held up by a leather belt with a copper two piece interlocking buckles. His footwear mainly consists of leather boots, and red sash from shoulder to hip, and sometimes placed it across his waist. He then completes the look of an old timey soldier with his little grey slouch hat with a red band on it. Occasionally he would wear brown leather gloves, but only when he gets into fights.

The man dresses like a soldier, and mostly acts like one whenever he walks around the school. She really does like a man in uniform, even if the uniform is over a century old.

Later on, anytime she had a moment to herself she immediately searched for him at the Hassian Institute. She soon learned of his name as she watched him interact with his friends and fellow party members. She quickly learned what he liked to do during his spare time, and what he ate at lunch and dinner. She observed him as he trained with a friend from the The Holy Knights, which she gathered that it was a splinter group from this institute’s super power; The Crusaders. Over time she made a habit of watching him as he slept at his dorm room on campus.

She always wondered what he was dreaming of to make him look so at peace, and rested as throughout the day he is always on duty to protect his friends, and allies from rival gangs. One day he’ll be able to dream of her like how she dreams of him day and night.

Soon enough she’ll be able to make him at peace…

She quickly noticed that the man is always tired by the end of the day from school work, having to deal with his rowdy classmates, with him working hard at the gym to improve his physique, and as he routinely trained in hand to hand combat with a woman named Sola vi Ryuvia, who was a mighty warrior in her own right. She wore the school uniform like many within the campus, but somehow made it look like something a military officer would wear. She is the better of the two, but Retsu knew one day he will destroy his sparring partner.

On many nights she is grateful that he has left his window open to try to stave off the summer heat, and with his window down she has an even better view of his sleeping form. She couldn't count how many hours she spent just looking at his peaceful face while he slept, but what she did know was that the feeling she first saw him never went away, if anything it became even stronger the longer the watched him.

Retsu Sakurasō quickly understood what the feeling meant; she was in love. She was in love wit-... no, she loved Gavriil Borshkov… Gavriil was her beloved…

His protective attitude, intimidating demeanor, enforcer of rules, good to honest heart, undying loyalty, unyielding spirit, his ruggedly handsome looks… Retsu loved it all, she loved everything about him, she couldn't get enough of him. Every time he would give that awkward smile and scratch his cheek in that adorable way she felt her whole body flutter with pure happiness. Anytime he fought and got that hard look in his eyes she felt her insides go all warm with lust.

However, while she watched one of her beloved's training sessions with Sola vi Ryuvia, Retsu Sakurasō realized something her mind had previously ignored; her beloved was surrounded by wicked seductresses.

Sola vi Ryuvia was the most obvious of them, it was painfully clear that she was interested in her Soldier, then came Katrina Zeng, Retsu could practically see the hearts in her eyes every time she looked at him. After that was Patricia Hereward, someone her beloved had for some reason tried to court, and it seemed like she was finally starting to respond to his advances.

Ava Crescentia, Aoi Tanaka, Asilah Muhammad Lee, Barbara Lloyd were all less of a threat, but she had seen the lustful glances Muhammad, and Barbara had sent him, and the subtle, tentative looks Miss Tanaka had given him... she wasn't sure about Crescentia, but she was still a female in close proximity of her beloved so she didn't want to take any chances…

Each and every one of these damnable girls were dangerous, and as much she tries to ignore it they could spend more time with Gavriil then she ever could while still working with Dio, but Retsu wasn't scared, she would protect her beloved from their evil, heretical claws... no matter what...

Touching what belongs to Retsu Sakurasō is a grave offence to her and everything she lived for. Touching what is hers is considered heresy in her eyes, and the only way to rectify this transgression is to destroy the heretics with fire and steel. That was a lesson everyone even remotely affiliated with her knew after witnessing their fellow minions snuffed out in front of their very eyes, and those who didn't were eliminated for their fallacy.

Patricia hadn't learned this lesson, but she was going to, very soon in fact. She had touched something that belonged to Retsu, something that she treasured dearly. Something that belonged to Retsu since the moment she laid eyes on it, something that she almost killed for several times in the past few days.

When Retsu saw Gavriil for the first time she felt something, a pull of some kind. It made her want to be near him, to feel him, smell him, taste him. So she followed him, observed his behavior, learned everything she could about him.

Retsu loved being in love with Gavriil Borshkov.

She would do anything for him, all he needed to do was ask, she'd leave Dio in a heartbeat, kill anyone he wanted in the blink of an eye, satisfy him at a moment’s notice. Gavriil was Retsu’s, no one who knew her was suicidal enough to deny that.

But Patricia Hereward didn't know Retsu, and now she had gone beyond touching what was hers. She had tried to lay claim to him. It was a subtle thing, just small acts of affection. A touch here, a cute smile there, but Retsu noticed immediately. It was worse than what that other one did, Sola vi Ryuvia wanted to lay claim to Gavriil, but she wouldn't, she was too scared.

Retsu Sakurasō hated Paticia, and she would make her pay.

Feeling tiredness creeping onto her, Retsu decided to leave a parting gift for him before she left for home to sleep. With nothing blocking her she quietly snuck into his room, and placed a feather-light kiss on his lips, but before she left her eyes took notice of what is laying on the floor. Training clothes her beloved wore whenever he hit the gym or the ring; a pair of blue sweat pants, a plain white shirt.

He wouldn’t miss his dirty clothing, right?

Bunching the clothes in her arms, Retsu leaped from his window.

She aimed for the bushes.

The next day she struck when The Glorious Faggots ventured into the city of Meta, with their objective to find a supplier of weapons.

She was quick, catching the whore off guard while she was looking into a Gamestop. Luckily her attack dog didn’t notice the both of them. She made a mad dash before the group came back for Patricia and the dog. Within minutes she took her to an abandoned warehouse by the highway, where she bound her up, blindfolded her and gagged her. She knew the dog and others would take notice of their missing whore, and that they would immediately call the authorities to locate their precious friend, but she wasn't worried.

No one can find them here.

She would have more than enough time to teach Patricia of her vile ways, and that she’s here to burn away her tainted soul through suffering.

She started off easy with small cuts all along her body with the use of a machete she stole from a hardware store. She quickly progressed with more lacerations down her arms, and legs. Hundreds of little cuts were soon covering her body. She soon grew bored making cuts all over the vile heretic, but is pleased to see the wounds were now covering Patricia in her own blood.

With the use of an improvised tool made of a bicycle chain, whipping came next. The chain came down hard on her, and easily ripped into the flesh of this pig. Twenty perfectly placed strikes on either shoulder blade, and then twenty more all over her back. She paused after that, not wanting her victim to pass out from the pain, but soon enough the lesson continued.

Patricia Hereward remained silent, and she didn’t, couldn’t resist the strikes.

Whether she was learning or not didn’t matter.

All that mattered was that she never lived to see the light of day after she was done with her.

But before she could get to the concentrated sulfuric acid, an explosive entry of the warehouse was heard. Surprised, she was quick to gather her tools of torture and dump them into a pack sack. Retsu was nearly out of time, but before Patricia’s allies and attack dog could break down the doors leading to the shipping container they both occupied, Retsu Sakurasō pulled out her coup de gras: a blowtorch and a custom made cattle-prod.

When The Glorious Faggots finally came crashing in with various weapons drawn with some unarmed in the back. They were met with gruesome sight of their precious whore; Patricia in the tattered remains of her everyday attire, cuts marring almost every piece of skin, and with what looks to be Japanese Kanjis burnt onto her stomach.

Retsu watched from high above as her beloved carried the whore away, she knew he was only touching her because he had to. Retsu Sakurasō was happy, someone had learned to not touch what belongs to her.

She was also pleased to see of what she burnt onto her is affecting them, but regretfully she did not wish for her beloved to look so distraught, next time she will dispose of the body without anyone taking notice...

Retsu Sakurasō was nervous, so nervous she was practically afraid.

She didn't know how everything went so wrong so fast. One minute she was celebrating the fact that the little whore was taught a lesson, and the next she was almost crying in despair. Gavriil Borshkov was, her beloved, was comforting Patricia.

This wasn't supposed to happen, her beloved wasn't supposed to even be near that heretical wench. Once he delivered her to the institute’s infirmary he was supposed to get as far away from her as possible, and go into the city to unwind and finally meet her! They were surely going to hit it off, she was going to let him see how her heart yearned for him and she knew he was going to respond in kind!

But now he was sitting there next to her bed, holding her hand while the rest of the gang were getting food after a long evening of running through town. Retsu couldn't hear what they were saying, but from the smile on Patricia’s face she could guess that it was something she liked. With her silently opening the window, Retsu quickly learned that they found the whore by tracking her cell phone. In the heat of the moment she made a rookie mistake by not removing any electronics on the captive.

What her beloved did next broke the gates containing her tears; he took that wench's hand and kissed it! Retsu Sakurasō ran away that night. She sat outside a burning building for what felt like hours, invisible to all, and just sobbed, not caring when Dio called her on her cell phone. Although she left before the first responders discovered her along with the victims she took her misery out on.

To calm herself she went to find her senpai... Grey

She didn't stop crying until her beloved finally left the infirmary, Patricia sleeping peacefully in her bed. Oh how she wanted to break in and smother the wench, to cut her open and paint the walls with her blood, and finally to set her aflame with holy fire, but she knew she couldn't as it was too risky with her attack dog; Matt was awake, and alert within her room watching over the whore. She didn't care if she got caught, she knew she could fight past the brute, but killing Patricia Hereward now might result in her beloved never loving her back. He would be too far gone in depression to find love with him losing a friend of his, even if his friend was a wretched little demon, but a friend none the less. That wasn't a life she wanted to live.

So she followed her beloved to his dorm room on campus and just kept watch over him as he slept, an activity that never failed to calm her. Gavriil Borshkov was hers, and somehow she would make every wretched whore see this too...

without losing their lives.

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