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  • 91 weeks
    Old Rage, Old Review

    A long time ago I wanted to do Rage Reviews way back when. I found my old attempt to get into it.


    I want to discover if I have that special place in my soul for shitty writing. Let's see if I calmly and snarkily make fun of this the whole way through, or if I snap like a dry twig and burn the whole thing down.

    Rage Review:

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  • 103 weeks
    Basically Checked out

    I'm pretty much dead to the internet right now. Here, but not posting. PM me if you need something (admin-like).

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    Boredom and Role Reversals

    So, real talk... I’m usually the one who starts flirting with girls. I’m not the most handsome of fellows but I can be pretty charming when I have my shit together, so I’m almost always the initiatior.

    I have never been on the receiving end until today and I now realize this is a large gap in my knowledge of how to handle situations.

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    Guns, Politics and YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS! *cough*

    I feel like being a bit political today.

    Does anyone else think both sides of the gun control argument have just lost their minds?

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    Etymology of One “Mary Sue”

    I originally wrote this up for a now-dead group back in 2015, but it JUST. KEEPS. BEING. ASKED. ABOUT. Y’all need to know if yous character is a Sue? Here ya go.

    So, three characters here. By the end of this, you should be able to tell which one is the Mary-Sue as a protagonist:

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Free Speedpaint/Sketches! Limited Time! [Closed, you boring gits] · 8:15pm Oct 2nd, 2015

Limited, as in, until I get bored or pass out drunkenly. It's a race to see what I do first. Gimmie two hours. Three tops. If there are some really good ideas I'll have something to do over the weekend.

I just doodled one for HapHazard and got inspired to let other peopled do the inspiring.

Mr. Red Ribbon (HapHazard)

I figured it'd be a nice thing to do for the suckers who follow me...

I'll post new stuff in the comments, I guess. Jump in! I'll draw your OCs and whatever, I'm not picky when I'm drunk. I do people too!

Join me on Skype for a bit!

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Comments ( 1 )

Yay! Ribbon finally makes it to drawing!

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