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I love fluttercord way too much.

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  • 117 weeks
    I Have Changed My Mind!

    So I hardly EVER split chapters into two separate parts. I've done it before, but only like once or maybe twice. But then Phoaray (an awesome writer, btw, I highly recommend his Twixie/Fluttercord story, Hopes and Follies), suggested that I consider it. I originally told him that I didn't really do that, and gave him a really gross metaphor

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  • 119 weeks
    Still Writing It: Short Sneak Peek Included

    I'm at 11K now, and Discord's still a friggin' little kid.

    *begins to tear hair out*

    Why must everything I write must be so long? Gah.

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  • 123 weeks
    So Will I Ever Update Again? It's Been Months!

    Yes, yes it has.

    And yes, I will. I'm hoping to have it done during my winter break. My first semester of graduate school is on it's last week of the semester.

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  • 136 weeks
    Playlist for "My Little Draconequus: Wishing is Chaos"

    So sometimes people make these for their stories, and I've been wanting to make one. I don't have a lot, and some of them are simple references to Discord's and Fluttershy's relationship as a whole and not necessarily the story itself. However, the first few really specifically apply to this one.

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  • 139 weeks
    I'm sorry I'm adding them all at once!

    I'm clogging up the group story archives with my stuff because I always forget to add them to my groups. I apologize! I don't mean to try and hog the story lists, so hopefully people will continue to scroll down and see my older stories, wonder why the buck I didn't add them when I first posted them forever ago, and look at other authors' stories.

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Fluttercord Prompt 3 Still Open! · 5:01pm Oct 2nd, 2015

The current prompt is butterflies. Feel free to join in! It's in the fluttercord group I'm in if you aren't aware, the one with a blushing smiley Fluttershy and a blushing slightly-uncomfortable-"oh gawd she's looking at me like that and I haven't wooed a girl for eons and I forgot how to flirt when I'm not doing it for laughs oh gawd"-look on his face, as the banner picture.

If anything, you can go there and read some cute fluttercord shorts that have already been written! For all your fluttercord needs!

I'd do the current prompt but I wanna give others a chance. :pinkiehappy:

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