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The Great Cloptober Is Upon Us · 1:56pm Oct 2nd, 2015

I've been thinking.

What if I started posting NSFW stuff on here?

Lately, I've been thinking of moving a certain story over to this account since I have so many people reading my Celestia fics. And again, it was probably dumb to separate them.

The whole Mounting Release Choose-Your-Own-Story is dead in the water because I've resolved things in my personal life. (No longer stressed, yay!) But there is still Rainbow Dash's route that I'm rewriting to be it's own one-shot. But some of the ideas I have might work better as a multi-chapter story. I told someone that I had no plans of a sequel but I don't know, I've been thinking about it since last night.

I'm going to have to find a pre-reader and chew on their brain a bit. Do a bit thought bouncing because as the story is now, renamed Release, I could just submit as is. I kinda don't like Dash's route because it made all the other routes look really bad in comparison.

Which only happened because I got distracted in justifying my use of romance tag while writing hers.

Not that her route is romantic out the hoo-ha but that I focused on her perspective and gave the chapter a bit ofsincerity than I meant to. The fetish was supposed to have the spotlight but for some reason, it stepped gracefully out of the way. It's there but I guess you'll be able to notice what I mean when you read it.

Regina out.

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