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Scary Music? · 2:42am Oct 2nd, 2015

Comments ( 13 )

There's always Lavender Town.

3435989 huh.. well that certainly fits... I'm just gonna go sit in the corner and remember horrible nightmares caused by that town in Pokemon.

I gotta love the way he walks while hiding the axe

3436107 It's honestly the best performance I've seen Christan Bale give. It's sort of reminiscent of Johnny Depp in Black Mass, where you laugh nervously when something kind of funny happens then shit your pants because holy shit are they scary.

It's a good movie, worth taking a look at.

3436137 I own it and the book and have seen the movie numerous times

3436194 I really should buy it.

This works as good scary music, but https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=11&v=5yjv12m1gag
Works as good ambiance.

Edit: I have no idea how to put videos directly in, since I can't seem to do it with the youtube button.

Being creepy? Finally something I'm good at!

... And of course!

There's probably more, but this is what I can think of right now.:twilightsmile::trollestia:

This works as nightmare fuel

so do these:

3436310 first link leads to youtube home page

3437303 fixed, hopefully.

3436744 Yes, yes, yes! Perfect!

3436310 Brrr... Thanks.

(It's the youtube button next to the insert picture button)

3435989 ...Fucking Nintendo. Thanks, I don't like sleep anyway.

3437294 *rocking back and forth*

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