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  • 129 weeks
    27 in editing also new track

    Finals have concluded, degrees have been acquired, and once again I'm on the hunt for a new job (hopefully a good one). If I had to define last year the first phrase that comes to mind is 'living hell'. Fortunately, all that nastiness is behind me now. I hope.

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  • 137 weeks
    Unrelated... New music video

    Hey all! I just thought I'd drop off another track here. Nothing else, really.
    Now On VHS

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  • 138 weeks
    Chap 26 published

    I know I said it would be soon on my last post, but I got delayed after my surgery. I figured doing editing passes while high on painkillers probably wasn't the best idea. Hope you all like it. Onto the next.

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  • 139 weeks
    News, among other things.

    HAH! Thought you wouldn't hear from me again, didn't you! I have now finished my CS degree. Huzzah. Good gracious did that take up time. The next chapter is nearly finished, and I'm in the process of editing it now. I don't expect this to take too much longer, but the chapter is a bit of a lunker.

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  • 152 weeks
    T-Minus 10...

    Next chapter is locked in and on its way. Expect to see it arrive around 12pm on Saturday. This one's a doozy, and contains quite a bit of information. Hopefully I didn't go overboard on the exposition. We'll see. See you then!

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Like my avatar? You can have one too! · 12:55am Oct 2nd, 2015

Well, if you hurry, anyway. I'm opening up requests for free portrait avatars to give me something to do. Delivery time is anywhere from same day to one week (probably closer to one week). My current avatar was made in photoshop with my tablet. For starters I'm going to be opening up five spots. Spots are first come, first served.


A GOOD REFERENCE - 'Good' being detailed enough to make out color's and defining details. A text reference can work so long as it is sufficiently detailed. I do not need the backstory, just a description.

A METHOD TO CONTACT YOU - Default is going to be the fimfic messenger.

PATIENCE - Art takes time. I don't have much time. So if you get a spot, I might not get it done for a week or so.

Current spots:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open

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