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Rest in peace, Spock, you magnificent, insane cavy. · 7:37pm Sep 30th, 2015

Little bit of a different blog this time, mostly to get something off my chest.

About ten minutes ago, when I wanted to check if we'd be watching Great British Bakeoff, I checked on the family housepet, a guinea pig called Spock.

Regrettably, his body was not only cold, which it had been for a few hours, but also unresponsive. His breath, already shallow, was now undetectable, and he didn't blink when I reached out to close his eyes. So yeah, the family pet just died.

The thing is, I've known this was going to happen for a long time, weeks, even months. The past few days things had gone downhill for the little guy. I've been mentally rehearsing what I'd write when he'd finally pass. Grant Morrisson went through something similar with his pet cat while he was working on 'Animal Man'. History has a funny way of repeating itself.

But I guess the weird part of it is that despite this mental preparation, now he actually is gone, and I'm at a loss for words. Spock's got an interesting life story for a guinea pig. He was born the first of May 2006, I think. He made it to the age of nine years. To put that into perspective: that's not old like Uncle Iroh, that's old like King Bumi. Am I a terrible person for feeling proud of that comparison? I feel like I should feel awful for making light of it like that.

Whatever the case, I do want to put up more of his story online soon, if only as a coping mechanism. There's a lot on my chest that needs to get off regarding Spock and me, and I want it to be more than just a sympathy post. I certainly don't want to be writing now, while I'm trying not to cry at my laptop. Maybe I'll write a story about a pony losing a pet someday. In the meantime:

Goodbye, Spock. I hope they have enough greens in Walhalla.

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Comments ( 5 )

My condolences on the loss of a loved friend.

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my dog last year and it still hurts.

Thanks, bro. *hugs back* There's a lot to say about the whole thing.

Upon the ground rests the body, with in the heavens shall house the soul. :fluttershysad:

I wish you and your family well.
Gentle breeze guide you home, a warm smile welcome your return. :unsuresweetie:

It's never easy when a pet dies, especially when they've been around that long. I personally don't keep pets, though my family usually did, but back in August, horizon had to have his cat put to sleep, and it was pretty obvious how much that affected him. You aren't alone on this one...


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