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Struggling writer, spare time artist, okay model builder and mediocre streamer. I just do the best I can. That's all anyone really can do, right?

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  • 20 weeks
    Chapter 2 - Edited

    Hey gang

    I reuploaded Chapter 2.

    This one has some more significant edits as I expanded on the museum and the things the tour bot says to better set some things up in the future.

    Please give it a read and lemme know what you all think.

    0 comments · 33 views
  • 23 weeks
    Chapter 1 - Edited

    This plague has granted me ample opportunity to edit my story. Chapter 1 has been edited like the previous ones. I expanded some scenes and fixed minor grammar and spelling errors.

    Trying to fill as many plot holes as I can.

    Onward to Chapter 2!

    0 comments · 33 views
  • 23 weeks
    Side Chapter 1 - Edited

    As with the Intro and Prologue, I have edited and reuploaded Side Chapter 1 to fix some minor issues and world build a little bit.

    Not a complete re-write, but might be worth giving it a look.

    Onto Chapter 1!

    0 comments · 26 views
  • 24 weeks
    Still here, still writing!

    To the followers that I have, I just wanted to let you know that while I haven't posted anything, I have been diligently working. Chapter 13 is mostly finished and I have a solid idea of where to go next.

    Just gotta get there.

    Read More

    0 comments · 23 views
  • 46 weeks
    Intro and Prologue

    The introduction and prologue have been edited and re-uploaded.

    While the introduction isn't too important, I added a bit of world building to the Prologue. Give it a glance if you feel so inclined.
    Nothing major about the story has been changed.

    0 comments · 41 views

Is this thing on? · 9:06pm Sep 28th, 2015


My name is Weapon.

I guess since this is my first blog I should probably tell you all a little about myself.

As of writing this I am 28, though I will be 29 in 4 days.

I've been a Brony since late season 2. I frequent the memebase website while at work (shhh, don't tell :scootangel: ) and I began to see more and more pony posts. This piqued my curiosity, which lead to me frequenting My Little Brony and getting sucked into the fandom. I can't say I regret it. Bronies are some of the nicest people (except when it comes to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon :pinkiesad2: ) and also some of the most creative.

Works of art, music, comics and fan fiction.

I have a couple of pony fics rolling around in my head.

The first, is a simple introduction of an OC into the MLP world. His name is Freelancer.

The second, well, that's a little more complicated.

I also want to write a Fallout Equestria story. It will be slow going, as I am my own worst critic and prone to rereading and rewriting my own stuff repeatedly. (I'm also waiting for Kkat's blessing :eeyup: ) This fic is more fleshed out than my Freelancer one.

And... that's pretty much it for now.

Questions? Comments?

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Comments ( 2 )

Kkat's blessing is a general thing. She has officially given everyone permission to play around in her world, but not a single one of these side writings will ever be considered canon.

If you want to actually talk to her, or ask her stuff or something... she usually hangs out with us on the official FO:E IRC channel. Though, her being logged in is no guarantee she's actually there, and she hangs out under a couple of different names depending on her mood.

3472170 Yeah, I was beginning to get that feeling. I imagine she gets a lot of messages about FO:E all the time. I'll just keep moving forward and do my best.

And thank you very much for the comment. :)

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