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Finished Part One of Rainbow Dash's Route · 8:18pm Sep 28th, 2015

You know, of that fic I'm writing for kicks?

I have class in like an hour and I can't help but be tempted to post it early just cause. I'll be gone for hours so seeing that baby posted when I get back would really pick my spirits up. If I keep it on unsubmitted too long, I might chicken out posting it in general or keep picking at it (and likely burn myself out before finishing the other chapters).

Tonight, I'll probably get the Applejack (for a reason that will be obvious in-fic) and Fluttershy (who can mess up Fluttershy) chapters done. Or devote the time to Rainbow Dash's route 2.

God, what am I even doing? The story is terrible, crummy and I'll probably regret it once I'm thinking straight.

Oh well.

Post or not post? Shiiittttt....

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