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Absolute proof that even YOU - the person reading this blog - can make great internet animations. · 6:06pm Sep 28th, 2015

I watched this, and...it just made me feel so amazingly good about my own animation quality. I mean, my work isn't as famous as...whatever the hell this thing was meant to have been, but at least I can take pride in knowing I put more effort and time into my stuff to make it look good.

So, unless you've the mind of a brainless vegetable, I think ANY. ONE. OF. YOU. Could create animations waaaaaaaay better than this strange crap. Hell, you guys can draw stick figures yourselves and I can assure you it'll all be better than this.

Subscribe to The Mysterious Mr.Enter on YouTube. He reviews a lot of shows and is even a Brony himself if you didn't know. He also does a bit of fanfiction on this site too.

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3427501 And your thoughts on it?

I remember watching 12. Oz Mouse when I was a teenager. I thought it was just enough strangeness that the poor animation held a sort of appeal.

It's sort of reminiscent of Shin Chan, although the humor is vastly different.

3427578 OH GOD! SHIN CHAN!

I actually used to watch that when it was on! I found some of the jokes pretty good to be honest. It wasn't really a show I liked a huge deal since if I recall correctly, Shin Chan was...pretty obnoxious. I seem to remember him making loud annoying noises a lot. Other than that the show itself did get some pretty good gags at times.

3427576 The most good this show does in my opinion is make people like me feel an awful lot better about our own animations.

I'm not sure if I could write intricate plotlines with deep meanings and exceptional humor, but I think anything I attempted would be better than this show.

And people wonder why there are bronies in the world? Well, if this is quality adult cartoon animation, it's no wonder really, is it?

3427677 What the christ did you just show me?

3427723 I'm scared of the past...well, YOUR past, anyway. XD

Shin would yell sometimes, but he never gets any louder and more obnoxious than in the video shown above. Seems your view of the show has been colored by age somewhat. :moustache:


I agree. Mr. Enter is amazing!

3427775 Wait, were the American and British versions of the show dubbed differently then? Because I swear I remember Shin Chan making annoying sounds at times, like in one episode when he needed the bathroom but his mom couldn't find the house keys.

He kept making strange sounds if I recall. Maybe there was a difference in dubbing perhaps on my side of the oceans?

There must be. I can't think of a single instance in which Shin's character grated on me.

3427806 I might be wrong, of course. There were a lot of shows that were kind of similar back then.

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