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    Thank You for the Patience! And a Simple Request.


    A long while has passed since I've done one of these.

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    Chapters to Come and New Cover Art!


    It's been a hot minute, yes. A lot of personal reflection and growth has happened since the last time I've written. But this blog isn't about emotions (unless you are emotional toward the idea of the title of this blog). Yes, I have decided to edit what I have done so far and let it all set sail.

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    Slow Progress is Being Made


    Just another "I'm alive" blog. I won't go into detail about my life, where I've been, my thoughts about progress. That's to be shared for later. I can say that 20k words have been completed. Once I am satisfied with everything, then a surplus of chapters will be published.

    As I've said before, the end is near.

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    Finishing multiple chapters before publishing

    It may be one for now, but I'd rather finish several before letting the floodgates fly open.

    And I do mean floodgates. :3

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    New Year Check In: Admitting my Weakness


    To be honest, I am glad I have come to my resolution of fear. I have known this fear for a long time and admitted to it. However, I'd like to go into more detail. I'm sure some know of my predicament, but it's more than simply "making a good conclusion to the climax."

    The fear is omega; the end.

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Newest MLP Episode with Coco won't retcon Who you Work for · 5:33pm Sep 27th, 2015

For those who have not seen the episode with episode 16 of season 5 with Coco, GO SEE IT. For those who have, I am sure that some have thought about the episode possibly retconning my story. It will not. I was happy to watch the episode, but throughout watching it, I was clamoring about my fic being ruined because of a plot that the show. Thankfully, there was no such thing.

I want to remind my readers that the time Who you Work for is resonating in is before the season 4 finale.

For those who want a slight spoiler for Who you Work for, you can read this below. It will not ruin the current story, but will slightly explain what is to come:

There is to be a prequel and a sequel.

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