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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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    Hopefully just a few days to a week. I've got some new writing tricks that should help things go faster, so wish me luck on that!

    Thanks again so much for sticking with me!


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    Hey folks!

    I'm real sorry about this, but I'm going to have to delay the coming chapter a bit. I wasn't completely lazy this month (just busy), so it shouldn't take too long to catch up. A few days to a week tops.

    Thanks again for sticking with me!


    P.S. What is this "sleep schedule" thing you speak of?

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    So, bad news. There's no getting around it, I need more time for the next chapter. I just couldn't get much writing done this month because a little bit into it I got incredibly sick and could not speak to write. My voice *still* isn't back to normal yet.

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300th blog! Also, Rites Updating! · 2:06am Sep 27th, 2015

Hi all!

300th blog celebration! Three hundred, wow. That still leaves me at less than one per week. I really need to improve on that.

So, block five begins! I’m over 30,000 words into writing block six. I might have six end at the end of the interlude between missions six and seven. It’ll allow me to put out chapters more quickly.

My right hand is starting to not like using swipe for writing, but hope isn’t lost yet. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I can always switch hands, though it’ll be slower going that way.

Physiotherapy for my back starts Wednesday, and the price isn’t as bad as I thought. They also have hand physio available! I’m going to give that a try, too.

Now, Patreon peoples, got a question for you. Since I’ve been much better about releasing something once a month, how would you feel if I switched to a flat monthly subscription for Patreon? Let me know in the comments!

Speaking of, Patreon will update shortly with your sneak peek at chapter forty one!

Thanks again for sticking with me, everyone!


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Comments ( 12 )

Good luck, as usual, with your health.

I'm still a little 'new' with the Patreon stuff. It's "Cv posts something, I throw money at him" to me. ^^;

What's the "flat subscription" thing?

3423002 It means you contribute a monthly amount, regardless of how much stuff I post. You'll always know just how much you're spending.

So if your pledge doesn't change, you'll always spend that amount, whether I post twenty chapters or just one. I'll always try to get at least one out a month, but I can't promise anything 100%.

Hope that hand physio works out, you are a treasure.

Well, dunno about others but I've got plenty of discretionary income. :) Can you let people choose, though? As in, pick per-item or subscription?

3423107 Sadly Patreon has no option for that. It's either monthly for all or on a per item basis.

I haven't said this before, and I should have: thank you. Thank you for creating such a wonderful story and thank you for sticking with it despite your troubles. You're awesome, CV!

I'm fine with whatever you want to do Patreon-wise. Thanks for updating!

(more when I'm not on a basic touch keyboard...)

Are there keyboards for feet? I've seen people without arms on TV who were really dextrous with their feet.

The flat monthly rate on the Patreon would probably work for many, making it easier to budget funds knowing exactly how much is needed each month.
Also, Chapter 40 has prompted me to make a special reply, including a video portion. (Might take a couple days for the video... depending on how long it takes for me to get certain components, and work out the scene needed)

My right hand is starting to not like using swipe for writing, but hope isn’t lost yet. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I can always switch hands, though it’ll be slower going that way.

Could switching to keyboard, and/or Dragon, every now and then help? I was thinking if you spread out your writing efforts through different means of writing, you might be able to get a pattern and pace going that minimizes the chances of straining yourself. Just an idea that occurred to me.

Good luck with the physiotherapy and concerning Patreon: the flat monthly subscription is fine by me :twilightsmile:

I'd be cool with moving to monthly. I sort of planned for that already, but having it set in stone is kind of helpful.

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