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So the maintenance guy came to my apartment yesterday evening · 10:06pm Sep 26th, 2015

But before I get to that, I'm going to talk about my neighbors to the left of my apartment (I'm in the middle).

Now, me and this guy are cordial, usually "hi how are you doing" and stuff like that. This is the life of wageslaves, who'd rather not speak or be spoken to when going to and from work, but let's not get into that.

Anyway he and his wife/girlfriend/partner would have these 'domestic disputes' that involved really loud shouting. It seemed to mostly involve him accusing her of infidelity, and her trying to deny it or explain away coincidences.

One day, he tries to come to his apartment (I heard this exchange from my apartment), and she wouldn't let him in. He quarreled, begged, and pleaded, but long story short: she was done with him. So he asked her to open a window and just shove his stuff out, and apparently that's what happened, because the next day when I went to work, the screen was bent.

No drama over there for several weeks, and I didn't see his ratty Explorer parked there, until one day I came back and his Explorer and a truck were there moving furniture out. I assumed he was finally leaving.

This took about two days because he needed help on a big dresser (it was parked between his and my door) before it was finally moved.

So, while in my library, I hear him hitting the wall next to my living room, and I'm like what the hell. So I walk to my den, and I hear something like, "You think you" and muffled words. I'm naturally paranoid, so I think he's talking to me. Weird. He quits punching and leaves.

A week later, the blinds are open, and there's just a lamp and a couch in that apartment. I figured the woman left too.

So anyway, a month later, the maintenance guy comes over to replace my filter.

He's like, "Man, you should see the apartment next to yours, it's totally trashed."

So I say, "I'm not surprised, those guys got in a lot of arguments."

"Yeah, but, here's the thing... I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but the boss had to remodel that apartment. There's a huge bloody stain on the concrete. The police are trying to keep it secret."

So I think I heard a man beat his wife to death and didn't realize it.

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