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Slumps On My Hump · 3:09pm Sep 25th, 2015

I don't know if it's because of the whole college thing raising my stress levels but everything I've been writing has been fizzing out. And the things I do write have been coming out extremely weird.

When I feel stressed, I write fanfiction.

When I am about to explode, I write smut.

I have no name for what I've been feeling these last couple of days and I guess it shows. I guess, this is my way of warning my followers that anything I post in the next couple of days will be extremely weird (for me) as to burn out the sickness by writing as fast I can. It feels like I'm about to break some sacred rule for myself but I've posted weird shit on this account before and sex, so...

So thus ends my fifteen minute retirement.

I am so sorry for everything that's to come.

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