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Multiple Awesome Day · 2:19am Sep 25th, 2015

First off, go back Lauren Faust's quadruped herbivore fighting game right this minute.

Mad cow? Just you wait.

Now that that's over with, go to derpibooru and take a peek at artist:pone-junk-edits. We're now up to three episodes that have formally been animation-corrected. It looks like s1e1-2 may be next in line.

Finally, it seems like the medication I'm on now may be working. This is good news, but not out-of-woods news yet. More time is needed, and if it isn't strong enough I may have to drop it and continue the search.

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Comments ( 4 )

That looks bucking amazing! :pinkiehappy:
Yay for triple awesome days :yay:

Good to know that there is some silver lining there.:yay:

The game is interesting, but my capabilities at this specific genre can be summarized as "Hitting buttons while drooling and looking at the pretty colors".:ajbemused:

Could be worth supporting it anyway

I think those have been a little more than just animation-corrected... something else that starts with an a has also been corrected~. Also, the tag of the day seems to be "episode edit". Currently that'll get you just the modified episodes. In the future if editing entire episodes becomes A Thing this might lose value but right now at least it's a perfect search.

Glad your medication is working :)

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