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I'm a Scotsman who likes to write stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. (Discord Server)

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    Discord Server (UPDATED)

    I've edited this post somewhat since the last time, hence why it's showing up as 'new.'

    I've recreated my old Discord server, which you can find here if you're interested; if Discord is already open on your computer, it'll pop up the invite there.

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    UPDATE (02/12/19): It lasted a bit longer than normal, but the Black Friday sale is now over.

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Q&A Round Nineteen - The Answers! · 9:53pm Sep 24th, 2015

So... my 1,000th blog post is me answering a bunch of silly questions. :twilightsmile:

Better get started then, huh?

Questions are answered in the order in which they were received.

Crash Bandicoot

1. Have you heard of George Cunnignham? He's Toby Mason's evil twin. Click on the link for more info on him. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/276690/on-the-run

Can't say that I have, sorry.

2. What's your favorite fanfiction? What's the least favorite?

My favourite is Sophistication and Betrayal (NSFW), without a doubt.

And my least favourite... is Fallout: Equestria.

3. Who's your favorite OC kid?

Hard to say, really. I've read a few stories with kids in them.

4. In real life, what's your favorite season of the year?

Autumn (or 'Fall,' if you'd prefer).

5. Is Geo illuminati?

Rather than come up with some in-character dialogue for this, I'm just going to admit that I have no idea who or what the Illuminati is/are. Everything I've heard is either contradictory or hearsay.

The Accursed One :raritycry:

1) *hands you a briefcase* Do you remember your instructions?

Yes. *smashes the briefcase over your head*

The other guys paid double. :trollestia:

2) When you dream of completing Skyrim's main quest, do you Imagine Dragons?

I don't 'dream' of completing the main quest, because I've already done it.

... great, now I have this stuck in my head:

3) If Australia had a civil war, would the emus win again?

Nah, I think the kangaroos would wipe the floor with them.

Unless, of course, the emus teamed up with the dingoes.

4) If you found out your favorite left shoe was a masochistic alien with a foot fetish, what would you do?

Bin them.

5) Can changelings disguise as other changelings to mess with them?

Probably not. As far as I know, Changelings don't have a sense of humour.


1. Luna, is the Royal Canterlot Voice capable of incapacitating somepony?

Celestia: Luna, nopony uses 'furlongs' as a unit of measurement any more.

2. Cadence, how old are you?

(Cadence narrows her eyes.)
Cadence: Who are you to ask me that? A mare is allowed to have her secrets, especially if they're a Princess! I would therefore thank you to keep your muzzle out of my personal—
Shining Armour: (sighs) She's thirty-eight.
(Cadence smacks him upside the head.)

(This answer was edited on September 29th because 30 seemed too young.)

3. Twilight, how do you view Spike? And no, "number one assistant" does not count.

(Twilight looks at Spike, who is reading a comic, and smiles.)
Twilight: Like family.

4. Celestia, is there something you're experienced with other than solar magic and politics?

Celestia: Does 'answering silly questions' count?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

5. Pinkie, would you be surprised if Maud was dating Big Mac?

Pinkie Pie: WOULD I?! I would be totally surprised if Maud and Big Mac were dating! In fact, I've been practicing the face I would make if Maud was to tell me exactly that!


Q1: How redundant is this question?


Q2: How many times should I appologise for said redundant question?

Once would be fine.

Q3: On a scale of 'Awesome' to 'No Substitutes' Rate Iron Bru... Please?

No Substitutes.

Q4: How's Scotland today (weather)? I haven't been up in a while and I'm hoping it's better than it is here (SE England).

A bit cold with the occasional spot of rain.

Same as usual, really.

Q5: These questions are annoying. True or False?


That's it for this round. Thanks to everyone who sent in a question, and apologies if I didn't answer it in the way you were hoping. I'll try and do another Q&A session sometime next month.

Stay awesome.

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