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So Much Stuff is Happening That Nothing is Happening · 12:48am Sep 23rd, 2015

So yes, as the title says, I am somewhat ridiculously busy and am extremely exhausted and so soare moments are spent sleeping, so therefore I'm really not going to be active anytime soon because stuff just keeps taking up more time.

Also, today Yom Kippur brgan, so to anyone fasting, may you have an easy fast! I will be fasting, which will definitely be fun, but hey, no school. That's gotta be something!

Have a nice evening, everyone! (Or morning, depending on where you are.)

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Comments ( 15 )

3414017 I am. I can stop in sevenminutes though!

And that really backfired, because gefilte fish always ruins my appetite. Shame.

3415217 That was sarcasm, Gefiltile is disgusting. No one likes it.

3415246 I know a few people that like it, actually.

3458135 :pinkiesick:What is wrong with those people!?

I know the busy feeling.:pinkiesick: New school be like... :raritydespair: How've you been tho?

3480299 Very busy (and tired).

How's it going with the new school now?

And I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond I've just been so busy that my spare time is just spend sleeping and I really wish I could talk more often but eughhhhhh schoooool:raritycry:

Oh my gosh, hi! It's been a while! Hope it hasn't been too stressful...:derpytongue2:

How's school going for you? Busy, I'm guessing.:rainbowwild:

The new school's alright, way more interesting than the last one if I have to be honest.:derpytongue2: It sucks not having my other friends there, but I'm not a total lonely poop and I'm not that antisocial.:rainbowlaugh:

It's alright, seriously! Take time off whenever you need it, no worries! I've been spending way less time online than I used to, since this one teacher (history and language arts) seems obsessed with giving everyone anxiety by the end of the year.:ajbemused: Every time I walk into her class I have a wave of "I forgot something and now I'm failing the class" going through my mind. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: And all the kids in that class are smuuuurt so I actually have to tryyyy. :raritydespair::rainbowlaugh:

3563011 Hey there! Wow, it really has been forever. Ahhhh, I've missed you so much! *hugs* How've you been? How's school been? Everything going alright? And I'm really sorry I'm talking to you on here instead of through PM, but the server broke down and I haven't been able to respond via PM, or post anything on your page. It just says I have a server error. I have no clue what's going on, but I'll try and figure it out. If you want, you can respond to this via PM (also, if you don't mind, if you have some alternate form of communication you don't mind using, just tell me and we can use that until the thing starts working, as long as it's alright with you.)

And it's your birthday! Ahhhh, oh my gosh, congratulations! And I still get so happy when I think about your birthday message, so I just kinda dumped everything I feel about you onto the page in the hopes that it'll make you smile (well not really dumped, because barf dumping doesn't typially have positive connotations, and I have nothing but positive feelings about you.) I'm sorry I'm so late, but I hope you know that even when my server breaks down, you're still one of my best friends.

Wow, we've been friends probably… what, two years now? It honestly doesn't feel like it, though, feels like I've known you ages, even though we've kinda fallen out of touch now (and I have to admit, out of all my regrets of the old year, it's probably that. I need to start finding more time to come on here, and to hell with my stupid geometry homework). You're closer than a sister, honestly, and you've been with me through more than my own has. You were there through the good times (INDEED:pinkiehappy:) and the not so good times (the times when it got really bad and I wanted to die and I didn't, because I knew I had someone there for me, and I knew that I didn't want to do that to you. I knew that you deserved better, someone who would laugh with you and cry with you and be there for you when you needed it, and I couldn't do that if I was dead, could I?)

You're a magnificent, fabulous, wonderful girl-- you're sweet and kind and generous and loyal and funny and smart and strong and god dammit, I don’t even have enough adjectives for this. You're an amazing friend and I love you so much and I'm so thankful every day for meeting you, because I don't know who or what or where I would be without your friendship. You brighten up my day with every message (seriously. Most of the time, when I see your name in my inbox, I start smiling almost immediately. I think it's called a Pavlovian effect? Something like that. I know that talking to you means happiness and joy and laughter and some of my fondest memories for a pretty long time have been from our conversations.) And I'm not sure why you don't have the entire planet on its knees declaring you the queen, because you are a queen (an empress, even). You don't deserve any of the negative things that have ever happened to you, and will ever happen to you-- the stress, the fear, the pain-- and I hope that you will be as happy as talking to you makes me. So happy birthday, darling, and I wish you an amazing year.

3563011 Hey! How are you? How's it going? How's school been? Anything interesting going on? I've really missed you. I tried sending a few messages but I think you might have blocked me or something??? I don't know, it wasn't letting me get any messages through to you, which is why I'm trying here. Maybe it'll work? I hope it does.

Omigosh hi! It's been so long! I dunno why it wasn't letting the messages through, and if I did block you it definitely wasn't on purpose.:rainbowderp: I've missed you too! School's fine, but way busier than before before I have a crazy workaholic of a teacher.:rainbowlaugh: Nothing new, really. I could ask you the same! How's life?:derpytongue2:
Le edit~
I forgot! I got a dog. That's exciting.:pinkiehappy:

3910357 Huh, that's really weird. Oh well. I missed your birthday (:raritydespair:), but I think I put the message up there, but I hope it went well. I'm really glad this got through, though.

Ouch, that doesn't sound fun. Good luck with them! They'd probably get along with my geometry teacher, honestly.:rainbowlaugh:

Oooh, congrats on the dog! I fractured my left elbow again, and I'm technically cleared for sports by now, so that's good, even if it does still kinda hurt sometimes. I think it's just still unused to doing things.:derpytongue2: Besides that, not much has been going on besides school. Not great, but could be worse. I did get into a few new bands though. Listening to Florence and the Machine's "Lungs" album currently, and very much enjoying it.:raritywink:

No worries about that!:derpytongue2: I'm a derp with many birthdays to come, so don't worry about it!

Yep. She gives us a day to do a project and complains about it being bad (but it is worth it because we always play hangman or something like that after a final :pinkiehappy:)

Thanks! He's a cute lil' butt, but it's been a pain to introduce him to my cat since he is fascinated by her and really wants to play.:trollestia: Of course, being a cat, she probably thinks he's trying to chew her face off and hisses at him.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh no!:raritydespair: Are you okay?? Aah it must suck!

That sounds cool! I've heard some of their songs and I've heard good things about them, so I'll check it out some time!:yay:

3936876 I'm looking forward to it!:pinkiehappy:

Ouch. My English teacher is really cool but she gave us a vocab quiz today, which I wouldn't mind, except she added words to the list yesterday, and the definitions on the quiz were different from what she told us. She's usually super awesome, but that made me pretty upset.:fluttershyouch:

Awww. They sound cute. What breed is the puppy?

Now I'm okay, thank goodness.:rainbowwild: It was really annoying when I had the cast on, though.

Yeee. Apparently my Social Studies teacher also listens to them, so that was a fun class.:rainbowlaugh:

Hi, sorry I took so long to answer! Could've sworn I had already replied but nerp!:derpytongue2:

Oh no, that sounds poopy... I hate when teachers do those things, especially when the study guide is different from the test completely, aah!:raritydespair: But luckily finals are mostly over for me.:pinkiesad2: Finallyyyyy~

Thanks! He's a greyhound mix thingy (:rainbowlaugh:), and he's very energetic! It's helped my exercise tho haha! He was from an SPCA shelter somewhere else, but was part of an exchange program and ended up here. We've been training him to handle his stimulation more if that makes any sense, because he goes nuts for cats. I think he just likes chasing them though. Whenever he does chase the cat, he doesn't harm her at all (just freaks her out a lot haha), even though he's bigger and could potentially do so. His training seems to be helping, which is good!

Eee that's good.:derpytongue2: I'm not very daring and the only sport I play seriously is soccer, so I've never gotten very serious injuries, but my left ankle does seem to like spraining itself haha! I do hate wearing casts or braces, since I hate not being able to move my limbs freely.:raritydespair::facehoof: I'm pretty pathetic, but at least I'm tall! Glad you got your cast off!

Omygosh that must be amazing! Most of my teachers are pretty boring in that aspect, but my old language arts teacher played the Beatles like twice or something.:rainbowlaugh: I think my favorites are Dog Days Are Over (my mom used to play it sometimes when I was younger) and Rabbit Heart. She sings so awesome aah! I can barely play my own flute!:rainbowwild:

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